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Will the continuation of Harry Potter or the story of young wizards complete?

Recently, more and more relevantthe question becomes: "Will there be a continuation of Harry Potter?" A popular series of books, gradually passed to the screen, remains in tops to this day. No, probably, a person who would not have watched Harry Potter. And most people know the film by heart and can quote it. Interesting is the fact that when studying a foreign language, Harry Potter is most often used, since the film is known, understandable and can be found in almost any language.

Will the continuation of Harry Potter

After the release of the last, the seventh part of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", fans began to wonder: "And will there be a continuation of Harry Potter?" 8 the film about the young wizard is the dream of many.

After all, my favorite heroes have not finished theirtraining in Hogwarts, and their further fate is almost unknown. Is it only that the couples that formed in the last films, will last another ten years, no less. But who did the heroes become, what did they achieve in life and, most importantly, what happened after the victory over Voldemort? This we would like to learn in a new film or at least a book.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question whethercontinuation of Harry Potter, one - no. Even though Joan Rowling talks about the continuation as a possible one, she notes that if it does, its plot will be significantly different from everything previously written. This is understandable - the storyline has already reached its logical end, and Rowling does not want to spoil its reputation by creating a book "about nothing".

Naturally, in the absence of 8 books, the question ofwhether Harry Potter's sequel will be removed by himself. The film should be taken from a book that does not exist, and no one else can write a book or script, as this will be a direct violation of copyrights.

Harry Potter will continue

Another point that casts doubtthe continuation of the favorite movie series - the actors. As you know, time does not pass without a trace, and the characters in the last two films looked older than indicated in the book. Since the last shootings a lot of time has passed. So, they will not be able to play young wizards. The only option - Rowling will write about their adventures in ten to twenty years after graduation. Changing the same actors is inexpedient - not the fact that the new performers will accept the fans of the film.

Based on this, the question of whether the continuation of Harry Potter, you can definitely answer - no. And even if there is a possibility of a new film, it is too small.

will the continuation of Harry Potter

It should also be noted that at the momentRowling moved into a completely different literary genre, which is absolutely the opposite of the usual "Harry Potter". Her last book surprised the fans and made me look at the author from the other side.

It turns out that the young wizard HarryPotter. Will the continuation of it - is unknown. But we would not encourage the fans. Nevertheless, the heroes, like Rowling herself, grew up, changed their interests, which means it's time for us to gradually forget about the idols and expect from the author new, interesting books that are necessarily filmed.

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