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"Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2": actors. "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2": Characters

In 2013, the premiere of the last partsensational movie. Former remained the main actors. "Dusk. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 "caused a lot of controversy among Russian viewers. In general, for several years the film won an army of true fans and ardent opponents. What caused such a resonance: the plot, the cast, director's work or musical accompaniment? By the way, soundtracks for the film - the only position that does not cause controversy, everyone liked the music. But first things first…

History, conquered the world

Stephanie Meyer, the author of the saga, chose the right onedirection for the story. The main vectors of the movement to the hearts of young spectators became touching first feelings, intriguing love of the girl and the bloodthirsty vampire (although here he is "vegetarian"). Could such a plot not evoke echoes in the hearts of beautiful ladies ?!

actors twilight saga dawn part 2
The history of Bella Swan begins with the arrival ina small rainy little town. By that time, the Cullen family had temporarily settled in Forks. This is an unusual family whose members do not have blood ties, in fact, like blood in their veins, because they are vampires. Distinguishes them from the usual characters of horror films that they overcame the thirst for human blood. Now the intelligent vampire family peacefully coexists with people.

Bella falls in love with Edward Cullen, and he answersher reciprocity. Soon, the happiness of lovers will be threatened with separation, Bella's new relationship with the beautiful and temperamental werewolf Jacob and even death. In each part of the saga, the heroes have to fight for their own happiness and for the right to be together, and also to fight for life. Although they are waiting for a lot of pleasant moments: graduation, a wedding, the birth of a daughter, a honeymoon by the ocean, walks over the peaks of the forest and on a flower meadow.

Vampires, werewolves and people are characters of three worlds

In the final film, the main characters Edward and Bella enjoy life, but this is where the main battle awaits them.

Bella received the long-awaited immortality, but beforegave birth to the charming little girl Renesmee. She is the only character whose reincarnation is so vividly presented to the viewer. A young, modest, but very strong and stubborn girl turns into a self-confident, beautiful vampire. In addition to the acuity of hearing and sight, Bella finds strength, a fierce desire to protect loved ones and super-ability "protective shield".

twilight saga dawn part 2 actors and roles
Intelligent, refined and soft Edwardgets used to the role of father and husband. He no longer has to share his beloved with the huge wolf Jacob, as his interest in her disappeared. The Volturi, the Italian guardians of the vampire world, took advantage of Edward's unique ability to read thoughts before the battle.

For the first time the audience gets to know Jacob, a kind,young, long-haired Indian boy, in the first part. With each film, actors change internally. "Dusk. The Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 »show how this boy has changed a lot. To the final battle "grows up" tanned, hardened, strong, cocky and self-confident guy. Throughout the whole saga he loves Bella, and she, being infinitely in love with Edward, nevertheless gives him hope. Jacob is a werewolf, designed to protect the population from vampires. He struggles with all his might to wish Bella to attain immortality. Jacob even suggested that he and Bella were destined to each other fate, but, as it turned out later, he was destined for her daughter's fate. This explains the craving of the werewolf to the vampire girl, who disappeared with the birth of Renesmee.

Characters and images

With great interest the audience met the film"Dusk. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ». Actors and roles were under the close attention of fans and those who were more attracted by the book. The most vivid characters of the final part of the saga, in addition to the main characters, include:

  • Rosalie - beautiful, slender, blonde andselfish vampire girl. At the beginning of the story, Rosalie did not like Bella, but in the latter part they come together. And it was Rosalie becoming the first assistant and protector during Bella's pregnancy. She always dreamed of children, so everything is ready for the birth of a baby. In the future she takes care of Renesmee no worse than her parents or Jacob.
  • Alice is cute, kind and cheerfula vampire girl with an elf appearance. Alice immediately became friends with Bella and met her father. Organize a party, a wedding, dress Bella Alice like more than the most Bella. But in the last part she leaves the family with her lover Jasper. Alice, with her gift of predicting the future, warns everyone about the arrival of the Volturi. She convinces Aro (the chief of the Volturi clan) not to engage in battle, as his decision will entail many deaths on both sides, including his own. In support of the fact that Renesmee does not pose any danger to the vampire race, they found Jasper and brought in another half-breed.
  • Aro - a representative of the oldest Italian familyThe Volturi. This genus is the keeper of the vampire world, they are making justice over themselves like. Aro also has the gift to read thoughts, but for this he needs physical contact.

Meyer came up with a lot of super abilities of different directions and endowed them with the characters of the movie "Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ». Actors and roles are remembered for their unusualness.

 Dawn Dawn Dawn Part 2 daughter Bella


Renesmee is the child of the love of a vampire and a man. The role of the girl in the twilight saga is short. She prefers to communicate with others by using her gift. Through her touch, she transmits thoughts, introducing them into the thoughts of the person concerned. No one can protect herself from her gift. Defend Renesmee in the battle with the Volturi gathered many friends and companions Cullen, as well as werewolves. Jacob by that time had left and became the leader of his pack of werewolves.

Throughout the work there were no substitutions, the former remained all the actors ("Twilight., The Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"). The daughter of Bella, perhaps - the only role that the two actresses performed.

Young Cullen family. Actors

Roman Stephanie Meyer glorified not only the creator, his fame is also due to the actors who participated in the film adaptation. "Dusk. The saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 "many have made popular.

One of the main roles of the vampire saga (Bella) was played by Kristen Stewart. Although she has been acting in films since childhood, it was this role that brought her fame.

On account of Robert Pattinson, who played EdwardCullen, an impressive list of works for his years. By the way, during the time of the Twilight saga he simultaneously managed to appear in several films. But touched the girl's heart and raised his rating to the skies the role of a refined, romantic vampire.

actors twilight saga dawn part 2 photo

Relations between the protagonists developed not only inscreen, in real life the fans watched a stormy and touching novel. Perhaps it was a PR move and the actors themselves warmed the interest in the film. "Dusk. The Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 »(Pattison's photo and Stewart are available in the article) from this only won. Rumors flew at lightning speed and provoked sighs and envy of the fans. After some time, the couple broke up, the cause, according to media reports, was Kesten's infidelity.

At the time of filming the young actress who performed the roleRenesmee, turned 10 years old, while she managed to gain experience in other paintings and modeling business. A charming girl with huge eyes played half-vampire-half-man in the movie "Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ». Actors and roles (Renesmee, among others) were actively discussed by film critics. But about the work of Mackenzie Christine Foy no one dared to respond badly, firstly, it's a child, and secondly, she got a small role. In addition, the character was embodied immediately by two actresses: Mackenzie Christine Foy (child) and Christy Burke (teenager).

twilight saga dawn part 2 actors and roles Rensmee


The werewolf Jacob, according to the idea of ​​the author, can be considered a member of the family of young Kalens. Despite his inexplicable craving for Bele, he became a friend and helper in their family.

In real life, the guy who discovered for himselffilm sets Hollywood through sports, very hardworking, stubborn, but kind and caring. Taylor Lautner almost lost the role, after the first part of his hero was to appear on the screen pumped up and greatly mature. But the purposeful athlete managed to prove to everyone that this is not a crazy idea of ​​the director and not a reason for using computer graphics or the work of a new actor. Only he knows how much energy left in the gym and what a strict protein diet means. But the effort was worth it - afterwards the girls of the whole world languidly sighed at his appearance on the screens.

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