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Where did the search engine Taggle

Taggle - search engine, several times flashed in Russian serials. The main question that users ask is whether it really exists. Well, let's get to the bottom of the question.

What are the search engines?

As it becomes clear from the title, the search engine isa certain system that can find something. If it is a question of the Internet, here the search engine will help to find any required information among all available. How will he do it? You enter into the string a query like "where is the Eiffel Tower" or "sneakers buy cheap", and the system, using sophisticated algorithms, will process your request by finding sites where there may be a similar information request. For simplicity and understanding, you can compare the search engine with the librarian:

  1. You come, in fact, to the library (analogue - open the installed browser).
  2. Find the librarian (enter the address of the search engine, the search engine - someone who has the ability to find, say, use "Google" - the search engine).
  3. Speak to the employee: "I would like to read something from the work of Agatha Christie" (introduction of a search query in the search bar).
  4. Librarian offers you a list of available author's books (search results page on request).
  5. You choose something from the offered books (viewing of the offered information).

In fact, the processes are identical, only processing andthe analysis of information in the search engines is carried out due to diligent and consistent work of man and machines so that we can "google" or "yandexit" every day.

Search engine Taggle - where "legs grow"

About this search engine became known from the series"Secrets of the investigation" and "Second slaughter". It shows how the characters Shvetsova and Zazvonov, respectively, used in search of information exactly the search engine Taggle - in Russian and with a design similar to the world-famous search engine "Google". The search engine Google has the following design:

google search engine

But the design that Taggle has:

search engine taggle

It is impossible not to notice the absolute similarity of these systems. Anyone who is more or less familiar with the Internet will think that this is a complete plagiarism.

And try to find me, so I can find something for you.

Interested users of the networktried to find out where she is, the Taggle search engine? After several attempts, there was an exit to this system. And what do we see as a result? First, look to the usual "google-tagle" search page, you enter a query, and you will be redirected here:

 taggle in Russian

Feelings of humor guys do not hold. Returning to the previous page with the search line from Taggle and scrolling it down a bit, we can see an explanation of the existence of this resource. So, everything to the banal is simple. In Russian serials, no one can show the original American search engine (questions of the right to use, advertise), so they created a similar, but still not such a system (for plagiarism no longer suing). All the work that the Taggle search engine can perform is redirecting to the same Google. Returning to the above analogy, it's like asking a friend: "Hey, do not you know there are some books of Agatha Christie in the city library?" And he will say, "Go and ask the librarian, he exactly in the course. "

Conclusions, gentlemen

Do not rack your brains, looking for something thatnot at all. There are a lot of different search engines on the net, in fact, every country that has a connection to the global network has its own search engines. The guys work hard on algorithms so that any user of the network can find any information necessary for work, study, learn the weather forecast or find an embroidery scheme - yes anything.

A little bit about actually existing systems of search

Leader in popularity in the search environmentservice is undoubtedly founded in 1998 by Google Inc. On domestic spaces, users prefer Yandex, a Russian IT company founded a year earlier, with the main character Arkady Volozhden. Its contribution to the search for information is modestly estimated by the first place among users of Russia and the fourth place by the number of requests from users around the world. Ahead of his Chinese search engine with a nice sound name Baidu, as well as Yahoo! - American search engine, whose foundation occurred in 1995. Concludes the top five leaders Bing - the brainchild of Microsoft, which, by the way, provides its engine for Yahoo !. Services not all search engines can use a simple user, if only because Baidu - absolutely Chinese search engine, which, according to users, it will be hard to find anything without knowing the language. And the Russian words are as follows:

taggle search engine baidu

On an innocent phrase, on simple Russian wordsThe search engine first responded with "spicy" content. What you want to wish after this - use proven search engines to accidentally not wander on sites with a dubious reputation.

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