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How to change nickname in Periscope: instruction

Developers of "Twitter" for a long time soughtimprove their service and gain a leading position in the ranking. However, they did this only after the release of the new Periscope program. Just imagine that at the moment you are at some grandiose event, and after a while you are transported to the sandy shore of the ocean. All this can provide this service: it provides an opportunity to penetrate the life of other people.

Service Periscope was a real breakthrough in the fieldcommunicative communication in the mode of the current time. Every day a lot of users are registered in the program. The service features allow you to configure it manually individually. The user can not only change the color palette of windows, there is also the possibility to choose your own nickname, create a closed broadcast, download a video, delete an account. The application has a lot of opportunities, but users are very concerned about how to change the nickname in Periscope.

how to change a nickname in a periscope

How to create a nickname in Periscope

User name is generated automaticallyfrom the information that was specified in the "Twitter", so the registration process also passes through this network. Nicky for Periscope are similar to those listed in the Twitter account.

There are two ways to create a nickname:

  1. "Twitter."
  2. Registration via a mobile phone, and then the nickname is created by the user himself.

Many Periscopes wonder how to change the nicknamein the Periscope. The simplest way, which does not require effort - is the formation of a new account. If you have not had time to get subscribers, aether on your existing account, then you can easily do it.

Register a new account

In the "Twitter" system, the profile is attached to theone account, therefore, you will need a separate profile for registration. You can go through the registration process in "Twitter" again or use your other profile. With the registration process you are already familiar, you only need to log out of the existing profile.

Registration of two profiles to one phone number is also impossible, in this case you will need a different number.

how to change the nickname in the periscope after

If the account is already active, with subscribers, this method, of course, will not work - you should use others.

How to change the nickname in Periscope

It is with a nick the situation in Periscope is prettycomplex. Change the nickname that other subscribers are looking for, it's impossible to really change only the name. Since the creator of the program is "Twitter", accordingly, only through it you can register, and in the process to choose a nickname, in the future you can not change it. But still there is an opportunity to try to do it.

Ways to change the nickname in Periscope

  1. The first thing you can do is send an applicationservice support Periscope or "Twitter", because these accounts are interrelated, and if you were registered through "Twitter", you can try to agree on a nickname change. But for this it will be necessary to indicate a really good reason why they should change your nickname. To meet are rather rare, but such cases have been.
  2. Previously, it was said how to change the nickname inPeriscope. After registering a new account, you can come up with a new nickname, if you want to change the login. In this case, you will specify a new login during the registration process. But not everyone is ready to take such a step and lose subscribers. At the moment - this is the only exact answer to the question, how to change the nickname in Periscope.
  3. You can make changes to the "Name" field. Search for you, as before, will be by nick, but you will see a different user name. Changes to the string with the name can be made at least daily, there are no prohibitions on this score.

how to change a nickname in a periscope

How to change the name in Periscope

  1. Enter the service and click on the button that is located at the top right (there is an icon with a drawn little man).
  2. Press the "Edit" button, two fields will be displayed.
  3. In the first line, enter the name you want to see.
  4. Press the Apply Changes button.
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