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How to change the photo format

It is often enough when creating photo albums andprocessing of photos there is a need to change their sizes, and here it's not just about reducing or increasing them, but also about changing the format, the aspect ratio, the need to write a photo into some specific forms of the standard card. All this can be done with the help of available tools. If you are interested in how to change the format of a photo, then this will be told exactly about it. You need an Adobe Photoshop application.

How to change the photo format: Instruction

First, you need to open a file that contains the original image. This is done through the standard "Open" command in the menu
"File". In the window that appeared before you, you must specify the path to the desired file, and then click "Ok". Now that the photo is open, you need to copy it to the clipboard. This is done by selecting an image with its subsequent copying using the item Edit> Copy.

You can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + A,and then Ctrl + C. Now you must create a new document of this format, as you need to work. In a new window, you need to fill in the fields that are of interest to you, namely, the width and length parameters of the image, which will be received in the end. You must choose the sizes in the units in which the final result is to be obtained, it can be millimeters, centimeters, pixels - they are all in the drop-down menu.

Before agreeing with the establishedparameters, you need to check the "Resolution" field, which contains a specific technological value, the incorrect value of which may affect the quality of the future photograph very negatively. The most optimal value is 300 dots per inch.

If you continue to talk about how to change the formatphotos, then it is worth saying that after all the manipulations done, a clean sheet will appear before you. Now here you can insert an image from the buffer. Now before you should be a picture, shown in full or in part.

Talking about how to change the format of a photo inPhotoshop, it is worth saying that now you need to fit the old image into a new format. The inserted fragment needs to be translated into the editing mode, then click "Edit" - "Free Transformation". After that, around the edges and corners of the inserted image will appear small squares, designed to help in the process. For the convenience of work, good visibility of the mouse pointer and the edges of the image is required. If the items of interest go beyond the edges of the view, then it becomes very inconvenient to work.

Now that the controls and boundariesThe final image is clearly visible, you have the ability to scale. When holding down the Shift key, you must carefully pull the squares in the corners. It is worth continuing to move until in the visible part is the most needed, and the secondary, which is not a pity to lose, will not fit. You must confirm the final choice by pressing Enter. You can always undo the last action if the result is unsatisfactory.

Dealing further in the question of how to change the formatphotos, it is worth mentioning that after the completion of manipulation it is worth clicking "Merge image" to remove extra information from the file. And the last thing to do is save the image to disk. The most common format is JPEG. Save the image can be through the menu command "File" - "Save As." The window shows the name of the new photo, format and storage location.

Now you know how to change the photo, so you can start working.

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