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How to change the name of a Windows 7 computer

Let's find out how to change the computer nameWindows 7. The name of the computer is not exactly what you call it, it's a special parameter that identifies devices on the network and helps to distinguish them. By default, it is based on the user account name (User-PC, Admin) and is set when the system is installed.


how to change the computer name windows 7
To change the computer name of Windows 7, you need togo to the "System" section. You can open "Start", "Control Panel" and find "System", or click "My Computer" and select "Properties". Or just press the Win + Pause Break keys, and the window will open. Here you need to find a paragraph with the name of the computer and click next to "Change parameters" or from the side select "Advanced system settings". Here you can find out the meanings.

How to change the name of the computer Windows 7 - will help "System Properties"

change computer name windows 7
If everything was done right, before youa window with the name "System Properties" was opened, the "Computer Name" section should be active here. To gain access, you need to have administrator rights, if you go through a restricted account, you will need to enter the password from the administrator. You can write something in the description, so as not to confuse different computers on the local network and just name your device. But this is not a name, it's only a description, because basically the work uses the network address and computer name, and sometimes its membership in the workgroup. Below is the line "To rename this computer, click the" Change "button, which is what we need - to know how to change the name of the Windows 7 computer. Next, click" Edit ". To change the computer name of Windows 7, enter the new computer name in the window that opens. It's unlikely that we will need to connect to the domain, so we'll select a working group whose name can also be configured.


computer name windows 7
In the title you only need to useallowed characters without spaces: Latin letters, numbers, some symbols and underscores. Microsoft recommends using a value that is not very long, up to 15 characters, which clearly distinguishes the computer from other different devices. After saving, you must restart the computer. Now you need to inform other network users that your name has been changed, otherwise they will look for you by the old one. In general, for such settings it is desirable to have a version of Windows 7 above the "Initial" and "Home base". Then, with a new name, you can join the local network or create a new one. On one computer, you can usually create only one such network through any network adapter, over a wireless or wire connection. You can also share some files and folders, which is very convenient, it helps to save time without unnecessary problems, because other users will be able to read and modify files with permission on your computer. We hope, after reading this article, you will understand how to change the name of the computer Windows 7.


To achieve the goal you needopen the "Computer properties". Click on the "Additional parameters" line. In a new window, go to the Computer Name tab. You need to click the "Edit" button and specify a new name. That's all.

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