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How to create flowers from the skin with your own hands

The age of technology has long been around the worldmachines. Manual labor gave way to soulless equipment. That is why at the moment, products made by themselves, have acquired special value. If you have some free time and a little bit of imagination, be sure to find an unusual hobby for yourself. Such lessons will bring you not only emotional satisfaction, but also additional income.

Flowers from the skin
For example, you can learn how to make flowers from the skinown hands. Such products can be used for decoration. Flowers from the skin will refresh the look of the old bag, make your belt exclusive or help create an unusual bezel. There are many options for using them, it all depends on your imagination and preferences.

Preliminary preparation

To create flowers from the skin, you must firststock up the material. You can buy it in specialized sewing shops or find among the unnecessary things in your closet. Maybe you'll find an old leather cloak or boots. Old skin must be prepared beforehand. To do this, you need to open the thing at the seams and select the largest and whole pieces of skin. Then it should be washed and dried under the press to make it clean and smooth. You will also need different beads, beads, stones and any other decor - all that you want to decorate your future creation. Also it is necessary to purchase a special glue (for example, glue "Titan"). The rest of the material is selected depending on your model of the flower.

Flowers from the skin with their own hands
Some tricks:

  • if you want to get flowers from the skin with curvededges, then you can do it with a candle. Fade the edges above the flame, but not much. As soon as you see that the skin is slightly bent, remove your workpiece. So it is necessary to process all the edges of the future flower;
  • if you want to create a flower with a compressed effectpetals, then first prepare each petal. To do this, wrap all the blanks in a tight tourniquet, pre-laying the future folds. Stretch the petal in the sides for three minutes. Then gently straighten the tourniquet, not straightening out the resulting folds;
  • To create a simulation of veins on the sheets, you need toeach petal make small incisions in the right places. You can draw in advance how you can make an incision. But you can not do it right through. Next, treat all the veins with a candle flame;
  • if you want to change the skin color, use aerosol paint.

Flowers made of leather master class
How to create flowers from the skin. Master Class

To start, we draw on stiff cardboard stencilspetals. We make six large leaves and one small circle (the core of the flower). Create a vein on the sheets with a candle flame. We paint them and the middle in a golden color with the help of an aerosol paint. Painting any product is best done always outdoors, not indoors. Next, we collect the flower, for this we glue each petal on the core from the underside of the product. Let's start the decor. We decorate the flower with various beads of gold color in the core. Petals are finished using silver beads, which can be glued or sewed. Ready flower is fastened with glue on a simple thin bezel.

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