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Flowers with their own hands - simple and original

In the modern world is very popular and valuable manualJob. Many housewives (and not only, it is like even very busy people) find themselves an occupation for the soul, in order to escape from domestic affairs. One of these hobbies is flowers by their own hands. They are found in different types of needlework - scrapbooking, kanzash, beadwork, molding from cold porcelain or polymer clay, etc. Also, artificial flowers are made from improvised materials and waste - plastic bottles, boxes, newspapers and old things.

flowers by own hands
The most popular flowers from paper and fabric. One of the options how to make flowers with your own hands made of paper is to make a little pencil (or cut it with scissors) a few flowers, glue them one on another (for luminosity) and decorate the middle with pebbles or rhinestones. Another option is gardenia. Again, you need to tinker large flowers (or kotrezat), wet them in water and quickly remove. Then the tips dipped in the paint, previously diluted with water. And in the folded state, twist the petals with a figure eight. Then decompose and allow to dry. By connecting two such flowers one on top of the other and placing stamens in the middle, we will obtain gardenia.

Tissue flowers with their own hands are verywarm in feel and air. There are a lot of options and forms. Let's consider some of them. The easiest way is to take the ribbon (satin, organza, silk) and thread it on the thread along one edge to form a ruffle. Then connect the ends of the tape. In the middle, sew a bead or paste a jewelery stone.

artificial flowers with own hands
Taking a long strip of fabric (1-2 cm wide),It is necessary to twist it on a flat surface. Start the flower from the middle, increasing the diameter more and more. And twist not only along the circumference, but also turning the very strip of tissue. The tip should be fixed to the glue from below.

Another option is a rose from satin. To do this, cut the circles from the satin ribbon (or piece of material) and the tips of them burn over the candle. It is important to do this very carefully - the fabric is easily flammable. And to keep the circle is not directly above the fire, but on the side, so that it can only be fired with a hot temperature. You can do this with a light-weight lighter in the minimum mode. The next step is assembly. It is necessary to lay out all the circles in the supposed flower and sew, or glue (in this case it is better to use an adhesive gun). And do not forget to stick (sew) the middle. It can be a bead, a rhinoceros, a pebble, stamens.

how to make flowers with your own hands
It is easy to make and the next flower. To do this, you need a fabric that does not hurry with the cut. We cut out circles of the same diameter from it. Each of them is folded four times and sewed separately. Then you need to collect all the resulting petals together with a needle. It is better to sew them on a cardboard base - to cut out from a dense cardstock a circle of a smaller diameter than a flower is supposed to, and already attach petals to it. The middle here is not needed. It turns out a voluminous and very airy flower.

It turns out that making flowers with your own hands is not so difficult. The main thing is to want to learn. And then you can experiment with fabrics, layers and colors, creating masterpieces.

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