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Flowers From Paper With Your Hands

Flowers, and roses especially, fascinate us with theirbeauty and are forced to look at the world with different eyes. You can not go past such beauty. But you can make flowers from paper with your own hands so that they are just like real ones.

If you use crepe paper for crafts,then the similarity will be so perfect that you will want to bend over to the flower to catch a subtle fragrance. Paper flowers are made by adults and children. This very exciting activity absolutely does not suffer rush, it helps to relax and relax.

Flowers from paper with their own hands can make evennewcomers. The main thing is to do everything slowly, neatly. Made with a soul such flowers can be an unusual and original gift. Especially beautiful from the paper look roses.

A rose of paper can be performed by handin several ways. Very beautiful roses are obtained from corrugated paper or fabric. But if there is neither one nor the other at hand, then paper flowers can be made with your own hands even from a regular napkin. To work, you will need scissors and a stapler. From a napkin, which you do not need to unwrap, cut out a circle with a slightly wavy edge, six to seven centimeters in diameter. Then fold it and fasten it in the middle with a stapler, placing the mount across. Now the lower part needs to be bent and turned up.

A ready-made rose can be pasted onto cardboard, gluedstalk and leaves - you will get a beautiful postcard. And if you paste a few of these colors, you get a whole bouquet. Such roses can decorate the gift box.

For work it is better to take colored napkins. Very beautiful flowers are obtained from red napkins. To paint white napkins in any color is not so easy, here you need a certain skill. If you paint the napkins with paints, they will simply tear or become uneven.

You can try painting the napkin withsponge and marker: apply ink to the sponge and stain the napkin so that when folding the most intense color has a sharp end of the kulechka, and closer to the edge - was almost white, as if dissolved. After a little workout, the color of the flower will be more natural.

Such flowers made of paper with their own handsIt is not difficult at all, and it will take a little time, but they are good only for gluing on cardboard, they are not put in a vase, because they do not have stems.

Rose from the paper with your own hands on the leg is donedifferent ways. Here is the simplest way. Take two-sided colored paper, for example red, and cut out of it a square measuring 4 by 4 centimeters. On the square you need to draw a spiral and cut with scissors, starting from the edge to the center. Then you need to fold the flower, starting from the outer edge and moving to the inside. That the rose does not turn out ahead of time, it should be kept stronger. Several ready-made roses must be glued to the twig and put in a vase. Get an original bouquet.

Here is one more, easier way to doflowers of paper with their own hands on the foot. The difference is that you need to twist a straight strip of toilet paper or a napkin long 25 centimeters, folded along.

Strip the wire on the wire lightlyprpararivaya and forming petals. From the green paper cut sepals, having the form X and put on the wire. From the same paper cut out double leaves, between them glued and a long narrow strip, which will be wrapped in a stem. Having made several such flowers, you can get an original bouquet.

You can wind such roses on a toothpick and thenattach a few pieces to the tennis ball. Such a ball can be attached to the wire. And from several such flowers you can make a bouquet. Whichever way roses are made, made with a soul by their own hands, they will always cause a smile and cheer up.

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