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Working documentation

Since the appearance of writing, people have becomeactively complicate, and, perhaps, vice versa, simplify your life, coming up with more and more innovations. It was not without restrictions on itself with all sorts of regulations, the creation of documents and other things.

working documentation
Documents are now accompanying us everywhere, andsometimes this paper red tape just eats both mentally and physically. As for construction, it is simply impossible without documents. When constructing a new facility or reconstructing or redeveloping an existing one, you should be clear about the forthcoming work plan. It is necessary to think everything over during the design process, after all, assuming some kind of blunders will have a hard time. Therefore, there was such a thing as working documentation in construction. What does it mean?

Working documentation is the one (textual orgraphic), with the help of which the implementation of the adopted decisions on the project, technical solutions for changing the object or its erection is ensured. Provision with the necessary equipment, tools, materials and the like. Also, the working documentation includes working drawings and additional documents that are attached to them, required specifications, and more.

working documentation is
So, the fundamental document in the restorationor the erection of a building is a project. But, unfortunately, he is far from being the only one. Based on the terms of reference, which includes a detailed description of the requirements of the customer and the plans of each of the floors, the project is based. All that is necessary for the contractor for construction and installation work is indicated in the specifications for equipment, materials and tools. With the help of these securities, it is possible to determine with the greatest accuracy the costs for the construction, restoration or re-planning of the object.

Like all documents, working documentation hascertain requirements for design and content, which are determined by GOST SPDS. There are two different types: project and operational. The project documentation includes the most detailed description, rather than the project, that promotes full correspondence with the constructed object. In some cases, only the project documentation will be sufficient for the customer, and there will be no need to hold a working paper. Project documentation for large-scale projects is always sent for examination, and the work can be accepted if the customer wants. In fact, this applies only to small objects.

working documentation in construction

Regarding the cost of registration of datapapers, it is determined on the basis of agreement between the two parties - the customer and the person who directly deals with all matters related to registration.

Over time, the role of construction is gainingturnovers, to prevent many mistakes, it is very important to approach the design of the documentation responsibly. As can be seen from the above, all these papers act not only as a regulator, but also a visual plan for the future facility.

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