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Working visa in the USA

To be able to work in America, you needreceive a work visa H-1B. At the same time, you must be an excellent specialist in your field, you must have an employer ready to invite you to America and pay your expenses. Of course, a working visa in the United States is not issued to every specialist. For example, there is nothing to do for excellent chefs and sellers abroad, but if you are a highly qualified engineer, architect, doctor and so on, then you have such an opportunity.

The US working visa entitles you to work in the States onlawful grounds for three years. In addition, you will be able to leave the country during this period and return back. Your family members will be eligible to receive an entry (guest) visa.

US Work Visa

After the expiration of a three-year term, a work visa inThe US can be extended for another three years, but more than six years in America it can not be. At the same time, if your employer does not want you to return home, he can assist you in obtaining a residence permit. Of course, if you agree and are ready to confirm your decision formally. All expenses in this case are also the care of your employer.

Working visa in the United States is issued only on the basis ofinvitation from the employer from the States. He must file a petition with the Labor Department, which will decide whether or not you can work in America. You, in turn, need to confirm their qualifications with diplomas of education. In addition, your diplomas must be confirmed by authorized organizations, that is, they must correspond to American diplomas in your specialty. And the employer must prove that he can not do without you. At the same time, his working staff should include at least 15% of employees working on H-1B visa.

In addition, your specialty must coincide with the prospective position, otherwise you should have considerable experience in this field - at least 12 years.

Annually for those who want to work in the United States, 65,000 visas are allocated, and they can end very quickly. Consider this when submitting documents, otherwise you will have to wait until next year.

If you were issued a work visa in the US, but you were dismissed before the end of the term, the employer must compensate you for the costs of returning home (of course, within reasonable limits).

Visa in the USA: documents

Visa in the USA: documents

A visa is issued if the following documents are available:

  1. Invitation from the employer (his copy). The invitation must contain information about the company and the exact date of the planned departure. Also, the employer must provide a guarantee that he is able to pay your visa costs.
  2. Consular questionnaire DS-156. The form is completed online and submitted in hard copy. For men from 16 to 45 years, an additional questionnaire DS-157 is required.
  3. Color photo 5 * 5 cm.
  4. Foreign passport with your signature and free page. If you have old passports with American visas on hand, then you need to submit them or their copies.
  5. Document from the place of work. The document should contain the name of your position, the date of your employment, and the amount of your annual income.

Working visa in the USA

You also need to provide proof of the stability of your social and economic situation.

That is, you must prove that at the end of the working visa you will return to your homeland.

Such documents include a copy of the certificate of marriage, the birth of children, an extract from your bank account, and so on.

In order to go to the visa department, you must have an internal valid passport.

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