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The idea of ​​dinner - stew with potatoes in the multivark

If you are puzzled by the search for a new idea of ​​a fast andsimple in cooking, but at the same time a hearty and delicious dinner, then here's a tip - a stew with potatoes in the multivark. This is what you need! Recipes for this dish can be invented or found very much. We will consider a simple, but very interesting way. Let it be for you basic, and in the future you can change and supplement it at your own discretion.

stew with potatoes in the multivariate

To make a portion of a dish on a prescription"Stew with potatoes in the multivark" you will need, of course, meat. Most often for such dishes used pork. Pork with potatoes in the multivarquet will amaze you with its juiciness and softness, despite the relatively short time and ease of cooking. If you do not eat pork for any reason, or if it is simply not at hand, other varieties, such as, for example, beef or chicken, are also suitable. Meat should be thoroughly rinsed, cut into small pieces and placed in a bowl multivarka.

pork with potatoes in a multicrew

The next ingredient is onion (one onion). It should be finely chopped and put in a bowl to the meat.

Next - potatoes. The number of basic foods of the dish (meat and potatoes) should be approximately the same, for example, 200 grams. Cut the potatoes into small cubes and place them in the bowl. On this list of basic, that is, necessary, products is finished. Of these, you can get the simplest dish - stew with potatoes in the multivark.

To improve the taste of food in it is betteradd some, quite a small amount of vegetables and spices. Most often it is sweet Bulgarian pepper and tomato, as well as carrots and ginger as spices. They will add the necessary "zest" to your food. So, carrots - 1 small. It is better to cut it in circles. Ginger - a little bit, about 5 grams. Pepper, tomato is a quantity at your discretion, but also not very much, so as not to interrupt, but complement the taste of the main ingredients. They should also be finely chopped and loaded into our dish. Do not forget to salt everything. You can add pepper, for example, black, as well as a little greens (at your discretion, you can and without it). All components should be mixed and closed the cover of the multivark, setting the cooking mode "Quenching" for a period of one hour. That's all. A little waiting - and dinner is ready!

how to cook stew

If you want to get a dish that looks like stewmeat and potatoes in a multivark, but for some reason do not want or can not eat potatoes, then just put out the meat. Or, prefer a different side dish to the potatoes. Or do not use it at all. How to cook stew without garnish? Very simply, you can use the recipe described above, excluding potatoes from it.

To get stew with gravy, you cana little fry meat and vegetables (not adding a tomato immediately, which will give juice and will not form a golden crust), using the "Bake" mode. And after that, adding tomato, you should pour broth or water and put the dish to stew. This applies to both cooking options: both with potatoes, and without it.

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