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The best wine is Khvanchkara!

"Khvanchkara" wine is a real business cardGeorgia. It is unlikely that there will be a person who, at least from the corner of his ear, has not heard of him. When a Georgian is asked about what is famous for his homeland on a world scale, then, of course, Georgian wines are mentioned! "Khvanchkara" is a vivid example of this. The name itself seems to set the taster on friendly terms. Let's find out more about him.

Wine "Khvanchkara" and a bit of history

hvanchkara wine
It is a natural (that is,natural) semisweet wine with a bouquet of the finest aromas. This drink belongs to the category of red wines. There is a legend associated with the name of a tart drink. It is said that Stalin was an ardent admirer of Khvanchkary. He came up with the name, probably inspired by his Georgian roots. But from time immemorial it was simply called "Kipianivsky". All because at the dawn of the twentieth century, the two great princes Kipiani brought wine to the exhibition, which was then held in Belgium. It was a distant 1907 year. And what do you think? The wine was so pleasant to the taste that it won the Grand Prix, as well as the Leopold II nominal token and a real gold medal.

Wine "Khvanchkara" and its characteristics

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From what is this masterpiece created? In Georgia there is a special place for winemakers, which is called Racha. The excellent grapes "Alexandrouli" are grown there. This is the first ingredient. The second important component is the native Georgian grape variety "mujuretuli". These are the magic ingredients of a fairy drink. It is worth noting that the grape variety "Alexandrouli" grows only in Racha. He tried to grow in other bands and latitudes, but the matter did not succeed. This can be explained by the special climatic and geographical conditions of Raca, surrounded by mountains. So the unique grapes remained the pride of the Georgian territory.

Georgian wines of hvanchkar
The price of "Khvanchkara" wine, possibly severalexceeds the prices of other Georgian wines, however it is deserved, because only this drink can surprise even the most demanding gourmets with its truly exquisite taste. Tasters call the taste of the drink "rounded", as the wine seems to envelop the throat and the sky. The basic notes of "Khvanchkary" are a stunning fruit-floral bouquet. You almost do not feel the unpleasant taste of alcohol or just alcohol, because the sweetness blocks them. This phenomenon is very proud of Georgian winemakers. The whole point is that the very process of direct fermentation of wine at some point is artificially interrupted by the so-called "cold method". For this, the temperature of the drink drops to minus five degrees. Sugar, which is present in grapes, just does not have time to transform into alcohol. The true wine "Khvanchkara" differs crimson-red saturated color, similar to blood. People who understand wine, note the taste of raspberries, inherent in the natural "Khvanchkar". By the way, it is absolutely unclear where it comes from, because this wine is prepared exclusively from the best varieties of grapes, and not from raspberries. If you get a chance to try "Khvanchkaru", do not refuse!

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