/ The True Gift of the Gods. Madera wine

The true gift of the gods. Madera wine

With the onset of holidays, people consumevarious spirits. For some it is a way to relax, while others like the feeling of warmth flowing through veins, each person has his own explanation. But the choice and quality of drinks should be treated as seriously as buying products. Most girls, for example, choose weak alcoholic beverages, they can be attributed to

Madera wine
wine, champagne, cocktails. Men prefer something stronger: whiskey, cognac, vodka. But for a long time, representatives of different sex like a fortified drink, created many years ago - Madera wine. The products are produced starting from 1892. For the first time the "experiment" with grapes was successful for a local resident of a small islet, in honor of which he gave the name to his alcoholic beverage. In fact, the wine is quite strong, in its composition only 3% of sugar and 19.5 degrees of alcohol.

Madera wine has its own peculiarity - anyfinished products have an endurance of not less than five years. For all this period the bottle, which is in an incomplete and open oak barrel, absorbs every ray of the sun. As a result, the bouquet becomes particularly spicy, delicate and harmonious, and the taste changes slightly and becomes full, pleasantly burning, with a note of salted peanut. During the soaking time, 40% of the liquid evaporates.

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Quite often Madera wine is called "Twice"born of the sun. " It is worth noting that all the processes are done manually, like a hundred years ago. For lack of sufficient space in the vineyards to use modern technology is unrealistic. Sweet berries, as a rule, are planted at a distance of three meters from each other. Between grapes you can often see how other cultures grow. Places in the homeland of the drink - the island of Madeira - barely enough for vineyards and the production of a unique beverage. There are many varieties of this wine, and different producers make Madera wine. "Massandra" is one of the largest viticulture and wineries - not an exception. Unrivaled drink was awarded ten gold and five silver medals for their quality and high taste.

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The more bottle aging, the more pleasant the fragrance, and wine with age acquires notes of vanilla and cognac tones.

Producers recommend drinking alcoholic beveragesDrink before lunch or during a meal for any snacks. Madera wine tones well, restores strength, and is often used for medicinal purposes. According to the legend, the history of the creation of the drink can be depicted as follows: the wine sellers basically forwarded the drink to India, but there were days when nobody bought barrels. After the goods returned back from a long trip, people began to notice that the wine was getting much tastier. When it did not open for a long time, new notes appeared in the fragrance, and the color changed. After this opening, the sellers decided for some time to keep the drink on the ship's ship, and only after that put the barrels on sale. As a consequence, it became more expensive, but it gained unprecedented popularity. Today, the Madera wine, which costs an average of fifteen dollars a bottle, is known throughout the world.

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