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How to make wine from grapes at home

Wine is one of the most useful and ancientbeverages. The first to prepare it was the ancient Egyptians. Then it was used as the main drink, as a variety of juices and water, in their hot climate, very quickly spoiled (there were no refrigerators yet). In order not to get drunk, they diluted the wine with plain water, and to be more precise, they added a little wine to the water so that it would not spoil.

wine from grapes at home
Probably, no one will dare to argue that the most natural, and therefore useful, home wine is considered. But how can one do it?

Many people think that preparing their ownown wine - this is a very complex and time-consuming process. Strangely enough, it is not so. Wine from grapes at home is prepared quite easily, the main thing is to follow everything strictly according to the instructions. So, we begin.

Picking berries

In order to make wine from grapes inat home, it is necessary not to miss the time when berries reach maturity. It is during this period that they contain more sugar and less acid. After you have collected the grapes, you need to sort out its fruits - rotten, immature and spoiled to remove. Also, remove all the branches and leaves, because if they get into the wine, the taste of the drink will deteriorate.

If the berries are not dusty, then they can not be washed. The fact is that on the grape skin there are bacteria that positively influence the fermentation process. In order to make wine from the grapes of the house, it is better to take the following varieties: Isabella, Moldova, Lydia.

wine from grapes at home

We press the berries

Next, we need to start a crush of berries. To do this, you can use a juicer or a meat grinder. In the process, it is necessary to ensure that absolutely all berries are fragmented.

After grinding the fruit of the grapes leavethe resulting gruel is at rest for settling. Ultimately, all the juice should be on the surface, and the cake (seeds and skins) on the bottom. With the help of a special press or simple gauze, strain the future wine.

The process of fermentation

Next, to make wine from grapes inat home, you need a special clean and dry packaging - 10 or 20 liters bottles or simple 3 liter cans. Since during fermentation grape juice will increase in volume, the filling of tare should not be more than 2/3. After that, the bottles must be clogged. To do this, a special polyethylene lid with a hole for the tube is made, which will remove the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.

homemade wine from grapes

One end of this tube must be lowered into a container of water, the other into the opening in the cap of the bottle.

The construction is necessary for several monthsplace in a cellar or cellar. But do not forget to periodically look around for how wine from grapes at home will wander. After a given period of time, you will get a fine dry wine, whose strength is about 5 °. If you want a sweet drink, then you will have to try. Gently drain the wine, so that all the cake is left on the bottom, and for each liter of it, pour 150 grams of sugar. If you like homemade wine from semi-sweet grapes, then put a little less sugar. Now leave your favorite drink alone for another month, then pour the wine into bottles and store them in a cool place (refrigerator, cellar).

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