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Seabass fish. Cooking recipes

Sea bass is the fish of the group of percussion. It lives in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Especially popular is the Italians, who know many recipes for its preparation. Many of our landladies do not know what seabass is. Recipes using this kind are offered in this article.

Let's start with making soups. To make this very delicious dish, you need to take two fish of medium size. We clean them from giblets and remove the gills and scales. Then we cut the fish at the base of the head and cut the fillet with a sharp knife. With the second hand, carefully hold the carcass. The same action is done with the other half. The remaining parts are washed under running water. Remove all the bones from the fillets.

We put the saucepan on fire and pour it into it.approximately 4 liters of water. We take one zucchini and cut it along into four parts. Also cut the leek (2 pieces). The celery root is cut into 8 parts. A carrot (3 pieces) and a stalk of celery (3 pieces) is cut in half. Spread the vegetables in a saucepan with water. It is necessary to postpone only half carrots and a little greens of dill and parsley. Also in the pot we put two whole bulbs and parts of the fish (skeleton and head). After a while, add the greens of dill and parsley. As a result, there should be little fluid and it should barely cover vegetables and fish.

When the water in the saucepan boils, you need to reducefire and cook broth for an hour. Then remove it from the plate and filter through gauze. We put the broth again on the fire and spread the fish into it. Approximately 3-4 minutes should be cooked seabass fish. Recipes are calculated on 4 portions. Shortly before the end of cooking, spread the finely chopped carrots, greens and leeks. Add salt to taste and turn off. The ear is ready.

And here's how to prepare seafood fried fish. Recipes are very simple and fast. Prepare the fish, clearing it of the insides and scales. Then we make shallow incisions on each side. We warm up the vegetable oil in the frying pan and, wrapping the fish in flour, fry each carcass from two sides. We put the product in a container, so that it does not cool down. Then we drain the remains of the oil from the frying pan. We put a piece of butter on it and wait until it melts. Then we remove the frying pan from the fire and add to it the juice of one lemon and the sliced ​​greens. All mix and heat on fire. We pour fish on this sauce and serve it on the table.

If you have a smokehouse, then tryto cook smoked sea bass. To do this, slightly wet the sawdust and pour them on the bottom of the device. We gut the fish and slightly degrade it. We spread it into the smokehouse. The whole process takes 20 minutes. It turns out a delicious seabass fish. Recipes of such a plan are ideal for a picnic in nature.

This kind of fish can be stuffed. To do this, we take the carcass and clean it from the entrails. Also remove the gills and scales. Two medium sized fish will need 200 grams of spinach, 100 grams of mushrooms (champignons) and a handful of pine nuts. Fish a little salt and put on a baking sheet, which is lined with foil. Spinach fry in a pan with olive oil for 5 minutes. Then put it on a plate. After that, cut the mushrooms and also fry them. Add them to spinach along with nuts. Sypem to taste salt and any pepper. We put the stuffing into the fish and pour it on top with olive oil. Then we send it to prepare in the wind-chamber for 20 minutes. To get a crust, use the grill function, if it is provided. Serve this dish, decorating with lemon, vegetables and herbs.

Dietary fish dishes can be made simply andfast. This product is not prepared for long, and the taste and aroma will be given to it by lemon and spicy herbs. Try seabass fish, you will be satisfied with its taste qualities.

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