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Delicious Baltic herring: cooking recipes

In the list of affordable and inexpensive fish there is also Baltic herring. Recipes of cooking allow her to pickle, salt, fry, stew - all that your heart desires. How to cook depends on what kind of fish you like best. There are no other restrictions, even on culinary experience - all the options are very easy to implement.

herring recipes

The original way of pickling

Very often mistresses prepare herringpickled. Recipes of cooking most often suggest its marinating in raw form. We want to offer you a somewhat unusual way. It is desirable to cook this dish from fresh, not frozen fish. The first step after cleaning and evisceration will be its easy salting: 150 grams of a large salt in a liter of water dissolve, and for 10 minutes the carcasses are immersed there. They must completely disappear in the brine. Then the fish is extracted, dried, panified in flour and fried. When it cools down, it cools into a jar and is poured with a marinade of 700 ml of vinegar, diluted with 300 ml of water and spiced with a spoon of salt, two - sugar, laurel peppercorns, parsley, carrots and onions. Above, the fish is pressed down by something not very heavy and placed for two days in the cold.

herring marinated recipes

Spicy Ambassador

Salad is also in great demand. Recipes cooking, so to speak, "in a simple way", are known and uninteresting. Try salting the fish like that. In a half-liter of water put on a tablespoon of sugar and a mixture of different peppers in peas, plus 3 tablespoons of coriander, a pair of clove buds and several laurel leaves. When water boils, two spoons of sugar are poured into it, and boiling on quiet fire continues for another three minutes. When the brine has cooled, a spoonful of vinegar is added (take it lightly so that the herring does not turn sour). Marinade is enough for a pound of fish. The washed and dried Baltic herring is added to the container, filled with cold brine, a load is put, and the structure is hid in the refrigerator for a day.

herring salted cooking recipes

Fish with nuts and raisins

No less tasty baked Baltic herring. Recipes of cooking in the oven use a variety of additional ingredients. One of the most interesting is in front of you. Cleaned and disemboweled fish, sprinkled with lemon juice and put in the cold for a third of an hour. As a little promarinetsya - rubbed with a mixture of salt and pepper (from the inside, too). Watered with lean oil (a little, three spoonfuls of grams for 800) and left alone for another quarter of an hour. Prepared carcases for forty minutes put in the oven, and during this time the sauce is cooked: cut the onion and carrots, make them roast, add the cubes of tomato, from which the skin is removed. When the tomato softens, add in the sauce two spoons of chopped walnuts and three - razmochennogo raisins (and then, and the other to grind). Finished herring sprinkled with this gravy, sprinkled with dill and rushes to the table.

Fish in dough

It is not necessary to wrap it in it. Rather, you will get a "Baltic" herring. The recipes for cooking batter are the same for everyone; but for fish it is better to choose one where the egg is whipped with milk. Carcasses are cut across with thin slices, salted, peppered, dipped in dough and quickly fried. Then the excess oil is decanted from them, the slices are laid out in the form and reach the condition in the oven - minutes, no more.

herring recipes for cooking in the oven

Cancer sauce for fish

When baked herring cooks, recipescooking, often differ only in sauces and accompanying elements. Sometimes preparations for shipment to the stove are carried out in different ways. For this recipe, salted and peppered fish rolls in flour, laid out on a baking tray and placed in the oven. Flavor nuances are achieved with sauce. For him, you will need to buy a cancer flour - it will need 100 g per half kilogram of Baltic herring. It is fried in a small amount of hot oil, after which gradually, with a trickle, with a regular slow stirring, a glass of fish broth poured in (it is possible to replace water, but it is undesirable). Having achieved uniformity, in a sauce squeeze out half a lemon, salt and pepper. When the fish stays in the oven for about twenty minutes, it is poured over with cancerous gravy, pritryshivayut cheese and returned to the place for the same period.

So let on your table often visits the herring! The recipes for cooking it are so diverse that this fish will not bore you long enough.

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