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Mounting rail: mounting of wall cabinets

Case furniture is of great importance inhome improvement. It is convenient to use, practical, does not require special skills for self-assembly, has a low weight, so it can be installed on the floor or mounted to the wall.

Also today there are many furnitureaccessories, which is able to make from a conventional closet not just a drawer with a door, but become comfortable in the use of furniture. One of these is a mounting rail for wall cabinets, with which you can easily mount to the wall.


You can hang a kitchen cabinet with severalways. The mounting rail will be the best convenient way to mount to the wall. The advantage of the tire for installation is that it is available in different lengths, which makes it possible to choose the right furniture fastener without problems.

Mounting rail

The mounting rail is metalPerforated strip with a special protruding part, behind which the attachment of a wall cabinet takes place. It is not possible to produce a tire on your own, therefore, it is not necessary to resort to handicraft production, especially since the cost of planks is not high.

The advantages of fastening to the bus

Unlike other ways of hanging cabinetson the wall, the mounting galvanized bus has a number of advantages. Firstly, the installation becomes very simple and easy, due to the metal bus it is possible to adjust the height. When fastening, you do not need to hold the cabinet while the screw is screwed or the hole is drilled.

Galvanized mounting rail

Ease of use is that the bar is pre-attached to the wall, and hooks are mounted to the back of the cabinet. The further actions consist in naveshivanii without special efforts.

Secondly, the mounting rail can be divided intopieces of the necessary length, which will allow the furniture to be installed at different heights, if necessary. And third, time and labor saving. The work on securing the cabinet can be done alone.

Mounting Features

Any work must involve planning. Therefore, before the installation of furniture, all calculations should be made, the place of fastening of the slats, drilling of holes should be outlined.

It is also recommended to hangafter the repair, the end of electrical work and wallpapering, ie the installation of cabinets with the help of laths is a process of independent and final.

Mounting rail for wall cabinets

Basically the mounting rail comes complete with furniture. There are also self-tapping screws, dowels for fastening, which are designed for the specific weight of the kitchen cabinet.

If the bracket is purchased separately, it is worthpay attention to the quality of performance, the strength of the metal, so that the product meets the reliability requirements. It is not necessary to save on the length and number of slats, because in the course of operation the weight of the cabinet can be pulled out of the wall of the fastener or the hooks can be torn off if they are not enough.

Also, it is worthwhile to focus on the installation of hooks to the back of the cabinet, because reliable fastening is very important for kitchen sets.

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