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Mounting bracket - indispensable hardware

When constructing, repairing, constructing various structures, it is often impossible not to do without a variety in the form and purpose of the hardware, which greatly simplifies most of the work.

Mounting bracket (rigging)

Mounting bracket
In a general sense, these goods are onefrom the elements of different lifting systems. There are a lot of different in their configuration and form of mounting brackets. They are used to fasten cables, ropes, chains and as a removable connection. This product is made in the form of a metal loop, both ends of which are connected by a finger / pin (cross member). Such a mounting bracket differs according to the following criteria:

  • According to the form: there are straight lines, D and U-shaped hardware. Also, products in the form of the Greek letter "omega" are not uncommon. In Russia, such hardware is called "omegoobraznye" and denoted by the letters "SI". Straight staples are denoted by the symbol "CA".
  • By appointment, which depends on the brandused steel. So, for general purpose hardware, grade 2 steel is used. Load-lifting brackets make from 8 and 10 classes of metal rolling. The latter are used for moving and lifting goods, making lifting devices.
  • By the type of the finger (pin), the staples with the screw cross members and the safety bolt and nut are distinguished.

Most often the surface of such hardwarezinc, and the pin is stained. The mounting bracket is of the same size as its sectional diameter. In the variety of this type of hardware products is very difficult to understand, but there are some of their types, which are familiar to almost everyone.

Universal bracket

GOST (Mounting brackets)
This hardware product is not designed forlifting of cargo. It is made in the form of an elongated horseshoe, the ends of which are connected by a transverse element. This clamp can be of different sizes (from 5 to 38 mm). These hardware, depending on the size, have a different destructible load, expressed in kilograms. Thus, the smallest mounting bracket can not withstand a load of 0.4 kg, and the largest can safely withstand up to 25 kg.


There is another mounting bracket, often called a clamp. Its main

Mounting bracket (price)
The function is to tighten the flanges in the air ducts. The main purpose of its application is to obtain a complete hermetic sealing, as well as the immobility of the joints. This mounting bracket, the price of which depends on the size of the hardware and the material spent on making it, has 3 sizes: M8, 10, 12. It is used to fix the profiles to the channels (ceiling beams) without welding and drilling. These clamps are clamped on the beam and connected to suspended structures by means of a threaded rod. Often, for greater security, connections are also used with a fixing strip. The price of clamp M8 is 50 pcs. in the package an average of 1.5 Euro. The biggest hardware of this type will cost already 3 Euro.

GOST "Staples erection" represents the mostsimple hardware of this kind - SMM-25. They are designed to attach to different surfaces of various pipes and cables, corresponding to their internal diameter.

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