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Mounting foam "Titan 65": technical specifications

Mounting foam "Titan 65" is aone-component polyurethane mixture, which is intended for installation of building materials and sealing. It shows high ability to adhere to materials by type:

  • bricks;
  • plasters;
  • concrete;
  • wood;
  • metals;
  • glass;
  • styropore;
  • rigid, as well as solid PVC.

Among its features: high heat-insulating sound attenuating abilities, resistance to aging, as well as the emergence and further development of fungi and mold. The application of the composition is carried out with the help of a gun, which guarantees the speed of the dosage and the high accuracy of the work.


Titanium Foam Foam

As practice shows, the yield of foam is veryis economical. Thanks to the use of a new generation of components and high extensibility, it has been possible to achieve significant foam performance. From one cylinder, the volume of which is 750 ml, you can get 40% more material. If we talk about specific figures, we are talking about 60 liters of foam with free foaming and 100 running meters of slots. In the latter case, the area of ​​the slits can reach 5 cm2. If you are interested in the length of the slots, then you can count on 170 running meters. In this case, the gap can make up 3 cm2.


mounting foam titanium 65 specifications

Mounting foam "Titan 65", technicalthe characteristics of which should interest you, if you intend to use the material during the work, has propane-butane and diphenylmethane diisocyanate in the composition, while the color of the material is light yellow. Work with this material is possible at a temperature range of +5 to +30 ° C, while the minimum temperature can be 0 ° C. You can count on the hardening time, which will be reached as much as 12 minutes. While the minimum setting value is 8 minutes, during this time it will reach dustiness. These values ​​are correct if the ambient temperature is approximately 20 ° C, humidity is 60%.

Foam mounting "Titan", technicalcharacteristics, GOST which will be of interest not only to professionals but also to private consumers, is characterized by a pre-treatment time, which is limited to 45 minutes, while humidity can be 93%. Full hardening is to be expected in a day, thermal stability will be achieved after the end of the hardening phase, for which it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the range from -60 to +100 ° C.

You may be interested in the density of the material, which is 25 kg / m3, or 0.025 g / cm3. Stability of dimensions, more precisely, shrinkage is less3%, while the temperature can be +40 ° C, and the humidity can reach 95%, this stage lasts for 24 hours. The material can absorb water in an amount of 1.5%, the maximum absorbency of the foam will reach in 24 hours. The compressive strength and tensile strength of this construction foam is 0.07 and 0.22 MPa, respectively.

Prior to the acquisition, consumers are most oftenpay attention to the coefficient of thermal conductivity, in the described case it is 0.036 W / mKal. Acetone can be used as the solvent, but it will act only before the beginning of the hardening stage. In order to calculate the required amount of material, it is important to pay attention to the performance characteristic, it is 65 l or 750 ml. If you want to use foam in structures that are exposed to a flame, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the flammability characteristics: B3 (DIN 4102), and B2 (DIN 4102).

Basic properties

Foam mounting Titanium specifications

Foam mounting "Titan", GOST is observedat manufacture and looks like 22695-77, should be used only after full familiarization with the basic properties. Thus, polyurethane is used as a base for production, and the material itself has a specific smell during the solidification stage. Then, after the completion of this process, the odor of the material does not emit.

During work, the temperature of the environmentcan be equal to about 20 ° C, it is not necessary to deviate too much from the set value. Application should be carried out at a temperature of at least -10 ° C. You can count on the fact that the foam will remain heat-resistant for a fairly wide range of temperatures, which vary from -55 to +90 ° C. According to DIN 52451, according to which the production is being carried out, the change in the foam volume can be about 20%. But the elasticity at stretching is 10%. The maximum width of the gap to be filled can be 30 mm.

Recommendations for use

mounting foam titanium gost

Foam mounting "Titan", GOST, TU of whichare observed when manufacturing and carrying out work, should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Before starting work, the surface is cleaned and abundantly wetted with water, and the balloon with foam must be naturally brought to room temperature. Before use, it should be shaken about 20 times, which is required to mix the components.

The protective cap is removed, and the balloonattached to the gun. During use, it must be kept upside down. When the mounting foam "Titan" is used, you can adjust the volume of the extruded foam, it is controlled by the intensity of pressing the handle of the nozzle or gun.

Fills should be filled to half the depth, sohow the material will increase the volume after the completion of the work. If you work with slots, the width of which is more than 5 cm, then fill them gradually, and the material is applied in layers.

Advice from a specialist

Foam mounting titanium gost that

Mounting foam "Titan" after use shouldBe cleaned with a gun immediately, you need to use a gun cleaner. After the foam has hardened, it can be cut off, but the surface on which the material was applied should be protected from exposure to ultraviolet, covered with sealant, plaster or paint.


Mounting foam "Titan" after hardening canbe removed only mechanically, and before the solidification phase, acetone or a special cleaning agent of the same manufacturer can be used as the solvent.

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