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Foam mounting: specifications, manufacturers, applications, reviews, properties

What is the mounting foam, without which it is impossibledo without repair work? First of all, it is an excellent heat and soundproofing device. Foam easily fills all voids and cracks, and also glues lightweight construction materials and does not conduct an electric current at all. More details about it can be found in this article.

Scope of mounting foam

It has found its application in the field of construction. It is used when installing, fixing and sealing door frames, window frames. Foam perfectly isolates the power distribution networks, compacts seams and cracks not only in warm and cold rooms. It serves as a good hermetic means for crevices between the pediment and the roof. With the help of mounting foam, it is possible to attach sheets of foam to the wall for insulation. During the use of this tool, there is almost no need to fasten the material with nails and screwing with screws.

Also, mounting foam, the technical characteristics of which cause a reduction in noise during the operation of pipelines, is used in heating and air conditioning systems.

mounting foam specifications

What does the mounting foam consist of?

Quality foam does not flow off the surface, butreliably and quickly sticks to the surface. The building material should not give much shrinkage after drying and hardening. At low temperatures it does not crumble. From the composition of which the mounting foam consists, the technical characteristics of it depend directly. This is a foamed polyurethane sealant, enclosed in an aerosol package, which, upon contact with moisture and air, hardens. After application within a day, the foam increases in volume, fills all voids and gradually hardens. After a few hours, when it finally solidifies, you can cut off excess and paint the surface, plaster it or putty. The composition of any foam includes prepolymers, propellant gases (propanobutane mixture), various additives (catalysts, stabilizers) and substances that enhance adhesion.

Titanium Foam Technical Specifications

Foam mounting: specifications

Foam, which is produced in cylinders with a capacity of 300ml, gives an outlet over a volume of material of 30 liters. That is, this package is enough to process one door frame. Foam can of 500 ml respectively yields 35-40 liters, and capacity in 750 ml is 45-50 liters.

The mounting foam has the following technical characteristics and properties:

  1. The ability to connect different parts of the structure.
  2. Heat and sound insulation properties.
  3. The ability to seal the place of abutment of any parts.
  4. It can fill all hard-to-reach cracks and cavities.
  5. Excellent compatibility with many materials (concrete, wood, stone, metal), except polypropylene, polyethylene, silicone, etc.
  6. Porosity. The porous structure provides a stable behavior of the mounting foam in various connections.
  7. Adhesion, that is, the ability to cling to any base. This ensures fast and high-quality work to fill the cavities.
  8. Shrinkage. After the foam came out of the cylinder, it expanded and froze, it gives a slight shrinkage. Its value is one of the main characteristics of the sealant, because the smaller the value of this indicator, the stronger will be the connections.

The quality of the foam depends on several parameters:

  1. From the temperature of use. Since the foam hardens when it comes in contact with air, which significantly affects the quality and speed of this process, a lot depends on the air. If it is cold and the humidity in it is minimal, then the sealant will harden and expand not so quickly. To improve the hardening process of a material such as a mounting foam, the technical characteristics of which are only improved from this, special admixtures are added to its composition. The temperature of use of the foam sealant is indicated on the cans.
  2. From expansion. It is known that the foam, leaving the cylinder, becomes larger (by volume), then when it dries it increases further in size. It affects the quality of the sealing seam, because with a significant expansion of the sealant, a bursting force also grows, which acts on the building structures and can lead to deformation of the window profile, door frame, etc.
  3. From the viscosity of the material. It affects the ability of the mounting foam to stay on the surface and not slide down.

foam mounting fire-prevention technical characteristics

Professional Foam Foam

Professional foam differs only in thatIt can only be used with a special device - a pistol, that is, a valve that is attached to this cylinder. Such a sealant is available in 1000 ml containers and is used by experienced builders. The use of a pistol device facilitates the dosage of the material and allows a more accurate hit in the target or a crack. In everyday life for one-time work, it is not very convenient, since after use it becomes necessary to rinse the gun.

All-season mounting foam

All-season foam assembly (technicalcharacteristics, GOSTs are better to study in advance) combines all the best that is in the summer and winter versions. Such material can also be used for freezing. Volumetric expansion of this mounting foam occurs under any conditions. Temperature range: -10 to +30 degrees.

foam mounting soudal specifications

Semi-professional foam mounting

Semi-professional foam is a substance whenthe use of which does not require expensive pistols. The output of fine foam from the balloon occurs when a special adapter (a special tube with a lever) is operated, which is put on the valve and brings it into operation. This type of sealant is used for one-off work. The temperature of use of this material ranges from + 5 to +35 degrees. Semi-professional types include the mounting foam "Titan", its technical characteristics are as follows:

  1. The maximum capacity is 45 liters with a cylinder volume of 750 ml.
  2. Increased resistance to moisture and mold.
  3. Adhesion to a large number of materials.
  4. Ecological compatibility (does not contain ozone-depleting substances), etc.

Mounting foam TYTAN It is also available in the form of seasonal sealants, that is, it is winter and summer. The cost of a 750-ml balloon is 200 rubles.

foam mounting specifications

Winter mounting foam

Winter foam is used at lowtemperatures. There are some types of polyurethane sealant with a lower temperature threshold of -18 degrees. During operation, it is not necessary to turn the aerosol can upside down. The volumetric expansion of the foam proportionally decreases with decreasing air temperature, that is, the lower the value on the thermometer, the smaller the size.

Foam Mounting Foam

It is clear why the foam mounting fireproof,technical characteristics of which are responsible for high refractoriness, is in great demand and popularity. Due to this property, the sealant can be used in a very large range of construction works. With fireproof foam, seams and voids are embedded in the construction of fireplaces and stoves, baths, saunas. Also, fireproof material is used to seal the outlet to the roof of the chimney. Foam provides fire safety of premises and reduces heat loss.

foam mounting foam technical characteristics

Required types of mounting foam and its prices

Let us consider some types of foamed sealant,which are most common in construction and installation work. A clear example is the mounting foam Soudal, the technical characteristics of which speak of its high quality.

Soudal is the world's largest producerpolyurethane mounting foam in cylinders. The high quality of products, the expanded scope of application allow it to be in the line of leaders for about 20 years. Foam Soudal is endowed with excellent performance characteristics, uniform structure, high level of insulation, resistance to moisture. It is characterized by a long hardening time. The price of polyurethane sealant ranges from 100 to 400 rubles per bottle.

Consider another type of material for construction: this foam mounting "Penosil". Technical characteristics of this sealant: excellent adhesion, uniform structure, low secondary expansion. Penosil is a single-component high-quality mounting foam with an increased output of material volume. It is used for professional work in all weather conditions. One of Penosil's products is a foam agent that combines the properties of glue and sealant. It is also an excellent material for heat and noise insulation. The average cost of Penosil is about 200 rubles per aerosol can.

makroflex mounting foam

The following example: foam mounting Makrofleks, the technical characteristics of which speak for themselves. This is a one-component self-expanding material based on polyurethane, which perfectly adheres to stone, wood, concrete and iron. It does not collapse for a long time, that is, it has a long service life, but requires protection from sunlight. Many choose building materials because of the low price, and Makroflex mounting foam has a low cost. Technical characteristics provide it with excellent competitiveness. Foam cylinder with capacity 750 ml can be bought for 200-400 rubles.

In construction shops the choice of mounting foambig enough. Before choosing it is necessary to decide for what purposes foam is needed: for one-time work at home or for something more global, at what temperatures it will be used, etc. A specialist, a consulting manager or a seller in building store.

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