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Baths with an attic: structural features

The bath became an integral part of theof each country plot. To date, many owners of country houses are happy to build similar facilities that allow you to relax after work in the garden or in the garden. The projects of modern baths are extremely diverse. It can be whole complexes, including a swimming pool, a sports hall, rest rooms, etc. If the size of the plot does not allow you to build a large room, you should think about the implementation of such projects as baths with an attic.

bathhouses with a loft
Such a structure can actually becomeunusually convenient. After all, it's so nice after the steam room to go up to the second floor in the recreation room, a billiard room or a guest room. Here you can perfectly relax with a cup of fragrant tea. Such rooms are equipped in completely different ways. One thing is for sure, the baths with the attic - buildings are unusually popular at this time. This is due to the convenience and comfort that you can provide yourself by adding a dacha site just such a project.

Construction of a bath with an attic does not represent anything particularly difficult. To put on your site such a structure is within the power of virtually everyone. If the bath is already available, you can simply attach it to the attic. An attic is called a loft, used most often only in the summer period of time. The first to arrange in the attic dwellings came up with the French. Once such premises were occupied more often by representatives of bohemia - artists, musicians, writers.

construction of a bath with an attic

In the event that your sauna already hasattic, the matter is even simpler. It is enough to equip it appropriately. Baths with a loft - a special case. The second floor can be used not only in summer, but also in the off-season, and also in winter. The fact is that warm air, as everyone knows, has the property of rising up. Therefore, in a similar attic during the operation of the sauna will be warm in any case, which will save a lot on heating. This is another feature that makes such projects unusually popular.

Usually, such structures are made of a bar orlogs. Partitions can be made from a single layer of boards or frame, hollow or with a water-repellent filler. The main difficulty in the construction of buildings such as baths with a penthouse is to install the correct hydro and vapor insulation, as well as ventilation. Usually, it is necessary to make rather complicated calculations. Therefore, this work is often assigned to specialists. If you do something wrong, the steam, rising up, will penetrate to the second floor. As a result, condensation will appear on the walls. And this, in turn, can lead to their premature deterioration. In addition, being in such a room will not contribute to the preservation of health, which can negate the entire effect of the adoption of water procedures.

bathhouse 6x6 with attic

Of course, a grandiose structure with a mansard ina few rooms, a swimming pool and a gym to arrange at the dacha is not under the power of everyone. This will require large material costs. However, a bathhouse with 6x6 mansard can be a good choice for almost every owner of a suburban area. Its construction will not take much time and will not require investing too much money.

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