/ / Let's try to figure out when to plant tulips in Siberia?

Let's try to figure out when to plant the tulips in Siberia.

You can cultivate tulips everywhere,if, of course, know these flowers. After all, every variety, like a person, has its own character, its preferences. Cultivation of tulips in Siberia requires certain knowledge and practice. However, the advice of gardeners who have been engaged in this business for many years, will give an excellent result in the first season.

when to plant tulips in Siberia

Tulips in Siberia

In general, tulips are considered the very firstspring flowers, which in large quantities and in great variety begin to decorate the windows of flower shops for the celebration of the day of the eighth of March. When the snow begins to melt, on these private gardens and flower beds, on patches, these amazing flowers are shown, to very soon be dismissed. If you decided to decorate your flower garden with tulips, most likely, your first question will be: "When to plant tulips in Siberia?". This is a good question, because in Siberia tulips are little cultivated. With a shallow snow cover and with severe frost, the flower bulbs may die.

When to plant tulips in Siberia?

To answer the question correctly, you shouldunderstand how the tulip grows in nature? Because, having understood the rhythm of the life of a wild flower, one can draw conclusions when and how to plant more tender varieties of tulips growing in flower beds.

Most species of these flowers came fromCentral Asia. It is in Asia that wild tulips grow in sandy deserts and on stony soils. They can be seen in crevices of rocks or in boundless steppes. Early spring on the slopes of the mountains and in the deserts of Central Asia truly asks for canvas with its picturesqueness and riot of colors.

tulips in Siberia

But it is necessary to enter into force heat, tulips quicklyend up bloom, wither, and the whole life of the flower concentrates in the bulb. Bulbs deepen into the ground, and with the onset of autumn they start new roots, in order to blossom again in the spring. So it turns out that wild tulips begin to bloom after the winter cooling, so necessary for reproduction in bulbs of substances that provoke growth and flowering.

Therefore, answer the question: "When to plant tulips in Siberia?", It is possible unequivocally. Looking at wild flowers, the conclusion suggests itself: the most suitable time for planting tulips - the end of August - the beginning of September. Thus, before the onset of colds bulbs will have time to shoot.

How to plant correctly?

Land for planting should be prepared in advance, for this spring it is dug by 30-40 cm, you can sow beans or peas.

cultivation of tulips in Siberia
In May, sprouted legumes are crushed with a hoe andburied in the ground, you can add humus, sawdust and superphosphate. Three days before disembarkation, the soil should once again be dug and leveled. A long board to mark the furrows and proceed to the very process of disembarkation. Small kids-bulbs are planted at a depth of 10 cm and large bulbs - up to 15 cm If the ground is dry, the necessary abundantly watered..

Now you know when to plant tulips in Siberia, and can safely embark on the cultivation of thesebeautiful flowers. Do not forget with the onset of cold weather, when the subzero temperature sets (usually in Siberia this is the end of October), cover the soil with tulips of straw, hay or potato topsoil up to 30 cm. But you can put our "heater" on the snow.

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