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When planted tulips: the secrets of growing

Tulips, no doubt, are very popular inall over the world bulbous plant. You are burning with desire on your site to make a beautiful flowerbed, which will please you in the spring, and look after yourself for new varieties, but you doubt when you plant tulips? This article will help you understand this issue, and the flowering flower beds will appear every year.

when they plant tulips

Let's start, perhaps, with the most common mistakebeginning florists. Seeing early in the spring in a shop of tulip bulbs, many are "tempted" and buy. Having planted them in their own garden, they look forward to a beautiful flowering and are very disappointed, having received only green leaves. Why does this happen? In 95% of the bulbs do not have time to take root and produce only foliage. Do not get upset, tulips will blossom next year.

when to plant tulips in autumn

When should we plant tulips?

In order to see the spring beautiful flowers, plant tulip bulbs in autumn - in September, October. At this time, and planting material at times more, and the choice of varieties is very diverse.

when it is necessary to plant tulips

When boarding, you should focus onsoil temperature, which should be in the range of +4 to +10 ° C. Bulbs are well rooted at a temperature of + 4 ° C. It will be good, if from the moment of planting tulips before the onset of persistent frosts, not less than 3-4 weeks will pass. During this time, the bulbs can well take root.

when they plant tulips
When the tulips are planted, they are deepened into the groundfor 5-15 cm, depending on the variety and size of the bulb. In other words, it will be a third of the height of the bulb, so you do not deepen them very much. In the classical literature, it is recommended that the area where the bulbs were planted is covered with straw, peat or loose leafy earth. And if in your strip very strong frosts - cover with a layer of leaves or spruce branches, it will protect the plants from freezing. In spring, shelter must be removed so that the sun's rays can warm up the soil.

And do not be afraid that your shoots will soon come out from under the ground, they are frost-hardy and will withstand frosts to -12 ° C.

When planted tulips, you can not in any waycase in the ground to make fresh manure! This will lead to infection of bulbs with fungal diseases or decay. If you want to energize the soil in which you will plant the planting material, then it is better to prepare the beds in a few weeks before planting, digging the soil with compost, and remove the roots of the weeds. Top dressing of tulips will have to be done in the spring.

when planted in autumn tulips

The soil in which plants will be planted, toopay attention when planting tulips. It is best for light bulbs of sandy loamy soil. And if the earth is very dense and heavy - this can be solved by adding river sand, composting or padding loose fertilized soil.

Now you can easily answer the question: "When to plant tulips - in the autumn or in the spring?" In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the planting material. If you have hybrid varieties of tulips, they are recommended to excavate (in June) every year in order to preserve the variety. Ordinary and unpretentious varieties can grow without a transfer in one place for several years.

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