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White tulips - spring flowers in your garden

Tulips are one of the most popular among gardenersflowers that decorate the country plots in the spring. There are a huge variety of varieties and varieties of this gentle wonderful flower. A flower bed with white flowers is like a cloud and will serve as a beautiful decoration for your garden.

Types of Tulips

To make white tulips adorn your garden, you needconsider their varieties, flowering time. For example, there are three periods when tulips bloom: from March to mid-April (early blossoming), from mid-April to May (mid-tent) and from May to June (late-budding).

A blossoming flower can pleasebeauty from 1 to 3 weeks. In the middle of spring, the Purissima jumbo, a tulip with a giant flower, has an ivory color. In height, the plant reaches seventy centimeters. Also in the spring the icy princess - the tulip of medium height, it can reach forty-five centimeters.

White Tulips

In addition to flowers, which grow according to one of thebulbs, there are white tulips double. These include the variety of super bowl, tacoma. The first is remarkable in that its color is based on a purple color. At the end of spring, the valley of the skagit blossoms, the so-called white tulip, whose height can reach fifty to sixty centimeters. Its delicate white petals are adorned with a blue border. The variety of varieties that have white tulips is simply amazing. For example, there are double flowers with pink spots - ice wunder. The plant reaches a height of forty centimeters. Buds of tulips can have a lily-colored (purissima) or a cup-shaped form (spring green).

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Flower growers who are breedingtulips for forcing and cutting, choose a brand of triumph. Plants of this species are compact, they should be planted thicker. They are suitable for planting in early spring. In color and bud form these tulips are distinguished by refinement and perfection. For example, pure white flowers are white szowlow. To the fringed tulips, which seem to be decorated with hoarfrost, the large flowers of the fringed are elegant - their shade resembles ivory. Fancy freebs and exotic are also white tulips. A photo of flowers gives an idea of ​​their tenderness and beauty. They have a furry fringe of white color and a pink border. These varieties are suitable for late cuttings and open field cultivation.

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When planting tulips, it is important to take into account the featuresyour chosen variety, the conditions under which the bulb was grown, and the height of the adult plant. In addition, you need to know how to water white tulips, how much they need sunlight. Flower bulbs are best planted at a distance of eight to fifteen centimeters from each other. In depth they also need to be immersed 8-15 cm. If the bulb is double, then it is planted to a depth of 25 cm.

Value of white tulips as a gift

These flowers can decorate not only your garden, but alsoserve as a wonderful gift. Since white color is associated with purity and innocence, a bouquet of the bride, in which white tulips are included, the meaning becomes festive and sublime. It is a symbol of spring and love. It was considered from ancient times that tulips of white color bring happiness. They are the most successful gift for a young girl.

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