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Vignettes for the kindergarten. Stop, moment, you are beautiful! ..

Childhood is the brightest time in our life, and we understand this when we ourselves become parents. We just feel every cell, how great it is to be a child!

But each karapuz will tell you the opposite. The mass of prohibitions, no choice and no vote. In 25 you, of course, will already be an old man, but in five life - not sugar, one kindergarten of what it costs. Hurry to get out of it already!

And then parents understand that the release is neededbeautiful photoalbum. Well, if the photographers - a dime a dozen. Each of them has in the arsenal of different templates and vignettes for the kindergarten. And sometimes they have several ready-made albums. Here they are, and leaves a photographer to educators, so that parents can get acquainted with his work and have an idea of ​​how the finished order will look like. And what about those who missed the photo session? After all, it happens that due to certain circumstances the child did not visit the garden. Or even unorganized? Or, for example, the parent team did not like any of the photographer's works? Choose a vignette yourself! After all, this photo album is unique, unique in life! So, everything should be just perfect!

vignettes for kindergarten

What is a vignette?

Vignette was originally called the element of the ornament(often floral, geometric), used in the design of text in books. They usually stood at the top and bottom of the page. Sometimes vignettes were decorated with corners of pages and capital letters. Now such elements are often used to frame photographs, and vignette is called completely a frame for photos.

Vignettes for kindergarten are usually group. There is a general design of the sheet - a background with cartoons, heroes of fairy tales, films, various landscapes, which have small photos of children. Sometimes, if the background is discreet, neutral, each photo is decorated with a vignette.

How to make a photo with a vignette

vignette template for kindergarten
Children really like to act as fairycharacters, even on photographs. But even more parents are happy with such a variety of bright designs for the design of pictures. After all, their children's photos were, of course, no longer black and white, but still rather pale decorated. The scenery was most often natural or made from improvised means.

To get a beautiful and interesting photo foralbum, it is advisable to invite a professional photographer-designer. He will make high-quality pictures, select the appropriate background and thematic vignettes (for kindergarten).

But you can manage on your own. However, for this you need to have some skills. Take a picture of the children themselves on one (better white) background. Download a vignette template for the kindergarten on the Internet - there are a lot of them now! And, using a graphical editor (for example, PhotoShop), paste your photos into a template. Done!

You can print the product at any point of printing, printing, shop, photo salon. Such photos, photo collages can be made at will. And not only for the kindergarten.

Release album

Vignettes for kindergarten are andindividual. You can make a catalog, and provide a choice to the photomodels themselves - in what framework do they want to see themselves? Because when creating a vignette for a kindergarten, designers use not only flowers, leaves, berries, but also weave into the pattern of cartoon characters, fairy tales, in general, children's idols. And how many children - so many preferences. Therefore, each karapuza should have a frame!

vignette good-bye kindergarten

And the final album we started with, usuallyconsists of two photographs: a large individual and common. Most often in the design is used the vignette "Good-bye, kindergarten!" - such samples are also a creation of designers.

But today they make whole books-albums, where kidsact as heroes of some history, for example, they walk around the zoo. On the page of this photo album there can be only two or three photos. By the time of graduation from the kindergarten, the children themselves can decide with whom of their friends to impress on a long memory.

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