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Characteristics of the kindergarten teacher from the manager: the principles of compilation

Characteristics of a kindergarten teacher fromthe manager is compiled in several basic cases: when the teacher passes the certification, assigning a category, for rewarding. On the principles of drafting the document - further.

characteristics of the kindergarten teacher from the head

Characteristics of the kindergarten teacher from the head: structure

The preparation of such documents ishabitual for the employees of the educational sphere. Personnel employees, psychologists and leaders are those who usually write characteristics for educators. About the kindergarten and the quality of work in it with children can be judged by the level of qualifications of its employees. But this is not all the information that the characteristic reveals. In general, the plan for drafting it can be presented as follows:

  • general information about the teacher;
  • education, teaching experience;
  • functions and quality of their implementation at the current place of work;
  • Qualification and its confirmation by concrete examples;
  • personal characteristics of the teacher.

An example of the characterization of the kindergarten teacher from the head

Description of qualifications

Characteristics of a kindergarten teacher frommanager, a sample of which is convenient to store to facilitate further work, includes the main part - a description of the qualifications of a person. This discloses such items:

  • profile education;
  • courses, trainings, sections for advanced training;
  • work experience;
  • basic working duties and the quality of their implementation;
  • attitude to scientific work and experience exchange;
  • self-education;
  • basic techniques and techniques implemented in the work, the use of methodological material;
  • participation in competitions, seminars.

Characteristics of the kindergarten teacher from the supervisor of the sample

General information and the personality of the teacher in the description

Characteristics of a kindergarten teacher frommanager includes an equally important part - personal data. This is the date of birth (possibly the place of residence), information about the family, other circumstances of life that are important for a more complete description of the teacher's personality.

Characteristics of a kindergarten teacher fromthe head can tell about the potential of the teacher not only on the basis of merits and achievements, but also his personality traits, which affect the quality of the work. It:

  • initiative;
  • a responsibility;
  • honesty;
  • creativity;
  • the desire to self-develop;
  • competence;
  • sociability;
  • stress resistance;
  • possession of special skills.

To a greater extent, this applies to young people whose short work record does not yet allow us to talk about concrete achievements.

characteristics of caregivers about kindergarten

An example of the characteristics of the kindergarten teacher from the head

... (Full name), born in 1991 - educator of the senior group number 2 ... (name of the preschool). He works in this preschool educational institution from 2013 after graduation ... (name of the university) in the specialty "Preschool education".

During her working life ... she showed a high level of academic training, the ability to apply techniques of working with children in practice, initiative and responsibility.

... - a pedagogically competent employee, which allows her to successfully implement the modern requirements for the organization of the development of children. The main goal in the upbringing of the younger generation is the development of independence, initiative and creativity of the pupils.

Indicator of the teacher's successis the mastering of children by program material, adaptability, developed independence and readiness to enter secondary schools. Pupils take part in creative competitions of district level, they were awarded with diplomas for 1 and 2 places.

... approves innovative methods for the development of children: psychological developing, interactive games, relaxation techniques and art therapy. In 2015 ... began studying at the university on a psychological specialty.

During the work the pupils of the teacher were twice marked as the best group.

With the parents, the teacher has established close cooperation. They regularly hold meetings dedicated to the development of children.

... is distinguished by a sensitive nature, tact, attentiveness. It shows genuine love and care for children.

The characteristic is made at the place of demand.</ em </ p>

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