/ Market "Gardeners" will be closed? Market "Gardener" closed or not?

Market "gardener" will be closed? Market "Gardener" closed or not?

Since the summer of last year, there has been an active discussionthe question of the closure of the market "Gardener". After the well-known events in Biryulyovo this object became next, and the authorities seriously thought about how to proceed. Many ask the question about whether the market "Gardener" was closed or not.

What will happen to this object?

The question was: either it will be closed completely, or will be engaged in its reconstruction. Inspections were carried out, even with a cursory examination revealed numerous violations. Unflattering tents and counters on which illegals are traded must be liquidated, because at this level the sales process can not be conducted. The rules, consumers' rights, fire, sanitary norms are not observed.

Began to appear such news: market "Gardeners" closed, trade will not be implemented. But it was about the reconstruction, the management took into account all the claims and urgently began to ennoble the territory. It is planned to build a parking lot, all tents and temporary sheds will be demolished, where people without documents are selling, because there is no one to complain to, if the goods are of poor quality, there are no guarantees for the buyer.

Violations detected during the audit

In the premises equipped for production, the first-aid kits were not available. In the rooms where various chemicals are stored, there is no corresponding equipment.

Employees of the center, drivers did not have sanitarybooks, that is, they did not pass a physical examination. It was not determined and in what condition the driver went to work, whether he has alcoholic intoxication. Working clothes were in an inadequate kind, dirty, worn, cleaned the territory without special means, wastes were thrown away in the wrong place. The number of sites where waste is to be emitted was less than required.

the gardener will be closed

Also, many illegal migrants were identified,who worked on the market without any documents and references. Counterfeit products, alcohol of improper quality and other goods were found.

Taken measures

In the coming year it was announced that the market"Gardener" in Moscow was closed, but this information does not apply to the entire facility. Serious violations were detected in January this year, and indeed, the pavilion trading in leather and furs was closed. Tenants did not comply with the rules of trade. Rospotrebnadzor applied extreme measures.

market gardener in Moscow closed

The rest of the market worked as usual,so that the information that the "gardener" will be closed is premature. The materials of the audit were sent to the court, a decision was made to punish the owners of the pavilion for gross violations of the legislation in the field of consumer protection. A fine of 250,000 rubles was imposed.

Reconstruction of the market

Serious changes are planned, will be builta shopping complex on a standard pattern where all interested persons can carry out trading activity, observing the established norms and rules. It is planned not only to pay attention to trade, but also to organize convenient entrances to the market. The important question of parking is being solved, since everyone should be provided with a place for the car. Multi-level land parking will be built, work is already underway.

What can I buy in the "Gardener"?

Any product can be purchased on the market. The object is divided into three sectors. This clothing market, where consumer goods are sold, also there is a territory where the sale of garden plants and equipment, in general, all the things that a truck farmer may need. And the third part is the bird market. That is, any visitor will be able to use exactly the sector that interests him. Each member of the family will find for himself the goods that he needs, and this all in one place.

market gardener closed or not

The owners of the facility are Zarah Iliev and the YearNisanov, who were co-owners of the Cherkizovsky market. After its closure, many entrepreneurs began to trade in the "Gardener". In the assets they also have a furniture center "Grand", a shopping center "European" and some others. Under their investment, several projects are being built in Moscow and the Moscow region.

On the territory of the described object is located"Bird market", which is a trade in live goods, that is, small domestic animals. The area on which it is located was a significant part of the total 42 hectares of the market. The news that the "gardener" will be closed up, upset many who used the services of this shopping complex. The owners did not have a particular advantage, but this is the only place in Moscow and even in Europe, where there is a wide trade in livestock.

news market gardener closed

Previously, the market was moved from the central partcity ​​outside the Garden Ring, it happened in 2000. It is necessary to carry out the reconstruction. In this form, as now, it will not work. Counters with canopies will be removed, there will be full-fledged trading places in the capital building, where all amenities are provided. Persons who come to the market to attach kittens and puppies in good hands do not set a goal to earn. Rather, it is a kind of club of animal lovers. However, among the townspeople, he enjoys popularity. Here you can buy or take a pet.

There is a project under wayreconstruction and construction. The territory will be less than now, in order to pay for the premises, will open stores with related goods. The fact that the market "Gardeners" will be closed, absolutely implausible, as serious repair work is under way.

First Changes

gardener closed

The first object has already been commissioned, in which threefloor. Eliminated 1200 pavilions, and in their place now stands a modern building that meets all the requirements and standards. The premises are air-conditioned, all fire safety requirements are met, the market is equipped with elevators, toilets. Everything will be open and accessible, no illegal shops and workers. In 2015, it is planned to introduce the second building of a new shopping center, where all wishes will be taken into account, all defects will be corrected.

According to one of the owners of the market "Gardener"Nisanova, in due course the object will become a modern multifunctional exhibition complex. There will be constant monitoring, on the territory of the market there is already a branch of the migration service. Security and law and order will be guaranteed. It's not true that the "gardener" will be closed, he works in the regular mode. The management does everything to make this complex one of the best.

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