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How can the marketer help the marketer "Gardener"?

At the 14th km of the Moscow Ring Road one of the largestmarkets of Moscow - "Gardener". In this shopping complex there is an opportunity to buy absolutely everything both wholesale and retail. The market is open to visitors daily from 9 am to 5.30 pm, the best time to visit is considered to be weekends before lunch. During this period, there is the widest choice of products and the maximum number of sellers. In addition, in the morning, wholesale buyers do not have time to buy goods. But, going inside, it is very difficult to navigate, where exactly you need to follow in order to find the necessary thing. The "Sadovod" market chart will help. Having studied it in advance, you can easily find a route to the desired pavilion.

Road routes and public transport

market gardener scheme
The scheme of the market "Gardener" in Moscow includesa full list and description of the movement of city shuttle buses, where you can reach your destination. Also you will learn the points of departure for free buses. The "Sadovod" market map includes the direction of movement through the territory of the complex and the point of arrival on your own car, a clear indication of the parking will help to park the car closest to the market.

Arrangement of rows and pavilions

market gardener scheme in Moscow
The market map "Gardener" gives a clear idea of ​​thearrangement of trading places. After carefully studying it, you can easily find the required type of product in the future. The placement of warehousing markets with numbering and series codes, a horticultural department, planting material, the poultry market, a building materials pavilion - all this is clearly indicated on the plan.

Additional infrastructure

The scheme of the market "Gardener" includes alllocated in it a cafe, a medical and veterinary points, as well as sanitary units. Only by studying this material in detail, new visitors will be able to quickly find the desired series and purchase the necessary goods.

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