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Apple in the fall: how and why it should be done

In recent years, amateur gardeningis gaining increasing popularity among the inhabitants of our country. This resulted in a huge demand for seedlings of various fruit trees. Especially beginning gardeners like to buy apple trees. Because of the large demand, seedlings have grown strongly in price, and unscrupulous sellers often sell a completely different brand instead of the required variety. In this case, a beginning gardener can help vaccinate apple trees in the fall. To learn this method is not at all difficult, and the advantages that it provides can not be overemphasized.

inoculation of apple trees in autumn

Autumn inoculation of apple trees

When multiplying with the help of seeds, any apple treeusually does not preserve the quality of the parent. It is necessary to plant hundreds of seedlings, and only one or two copies will completely repeat the taste and color of the fruits of the parent tree. That is why apple trees are usually propagated by grafting. In this case, as a rootstock, a two-year-old seedling is usually used, which was grown from seeds of winter-hardy varieties or wild species. This approach allows you to get a strong tree, perfectly experiencing the cold time and giving the fruits of the required variety. Grafting apple trees in autumn requires the gardener to observe only one basic rule: the apple tree must necessarily be placed on the seedling of the same season.

autumn inoculation of apple trees
One must immediately realize that this process requiresa certain skill, and rarely anyone succeeds in the first time to conduct it correctly, despite the quality and completeness of the information received. That's why you need to practice a little. Ideal objects for this can be the annual shoots of talismans and poplars. You can learn how to cut them at the right angle, apply a scion to the rootstock and securely tie them, without causing unnecessary damage to the plant. The vaccines so produced should simply be placed in a vessel with water and taken to a well-lit place. A couple of days on priovo small leaves should bloom. If this happened, then the horticulturist did everything right and can proceed to such procedure as inoculation of apple trees in autumn. After practicing for a few days, you can acquire a skill that will be useful for the rest of your life.

Timing of the apple tree vaccination

When performing this procedure, any gardener should remember that it requires the following conditions:

  • the timing of the inoculation of apple trees
    kidneys on the rootstock should not be swollen;
  • the kidneys in the rootstock must be in a state of hibernation;
  • all tools must be clean;
  • the cutting knife must be as sharp as possible;
  • Cambial layers of rootstocks and grafts must necessarily coincide;
  • Strapping should be made as tight as possible.

Every gardener should understand that vaccinationapple in the fall is very similar to a surgical operation, and it should be treated the same way. Before starting the procedure, you should boil all the instruments and wash the place of vaccination with an antiseptic. The sharper the knife is, the faster the operation, the faster the wound healing of the plant. The coincidence of the cambial layer (the so-called zone with young cells, located on the border of the cortex and wood) is necessary for successful inoculation. The more closely the beard and the graft are connected, the better their fusion will be. Observing these simple rules, any amateur horticulturist can grow an apple tree of the sort he needs and even try to bring his own.

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