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Cucumber in the greenhouse growing and grooming

Cultivation of cucumbers is now veryan interesting and fascinating occupation, especially in winter, when this is a deficit. Fresh and beautiful cucumbers in the greenhouse, the cultivation of which will bring you both pleasure and, possibly, income.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse growing

For a large crop, you need to heat wellgreenhouse, it is very important and decisive in this. Of course, the correctness of the planting of seedlings and the further care of it is of no small importance. About this in more detail.

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

The best time for planting seeds isMarch, April. In pots with a diameter of 8-10 cm two seeds are sown - this is the most optimal seeding. Although you can plant and one seed to avoid possible competition, but this is only if you are sure of the quality of the seeds and that they will all germinate.

The next stage of sprouting occurs whentemperature 20-23 degrees Celsius. If the crop occurs at a temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius, then you can do it in early spring, but if your greenhouse is not heated at all, then not until the end of April.

When the cucumber seedlings have grown it is transferred to pots of a larger diameter (12-15 cm) to prepare for the subsequent transplantation into the soil or in larger pots.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse growing requirecare for them. This implies a lot of things, but the most important is that the temperature should not fall below 13 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they must be carefully protected from drafts, if necessary, then create a protective compartment. And at the time of active growth seedlings need to be watered abundantly, but in any case do not fill them. Cucumbers love moist air, so you can water the floor to create the necessary microclimate.

Also for an excellent harvest, cucumbers needa nutrient medium, therefore fertilizer application is another important detail, which must be carefully considered. Organic fertilizers work very well on cucumbers, i.e. manure. The fertilizer is applied before planting in the soil. A fertilizer is applied from the calculation of a manure bucket per 1 sq. Km. m. of ground. After the beginning of flowering plants begin to make root fertilizing once every 2 weeks. Such as, based on 10 liters of water, 50 g of complex fertilizer per 1 sq. M. m soil. Before applying fertilizing, plants are first watered.

Garter cucumber in the greenhouse

Cucumbers in the greenhouse grow them whentie to the pole, set at a height of 2 m above the ground. Since the cucumber is a culture with a mustache, it must be constantly looked after so that the plants do not interfere with each other. For this, the plant is formed by pinching and removing excess. If you miss the moment the plants grow, intertwine, and this will affect the harvest and the convenience of harvesting it.

In greenhouses, most often the cucumber is formed in the formone stem. At an altitude of about 50 cm, the side shoots need to be pinched to a half centimeter. And all the bottom leaves and side shoots must be removed, in order to create a zone of so-called "alienation." This will reduce the risk of developing various diseases that are so susceptible to tender cucumbers.

After the ovary is formed on the shootscucumber, directly after the fetus, through a couple of leaves, shoot it is necessary to pinch. Half a meter up the side shoot is plucked through 2 leaves, etc. Then proceed similarly, forming a cucumber stalk. When the main shoot reaches the pole, it is plucked 3 sheets higher and tied around the pole.

Cucumbers grown in a greenhouseThe above conditions can be collected from May to October. Collect cucumbers best with a pruner or scissors, so as not to injure the stalk of the plant otherwise it will die. Be careful and attentive and then cucumbers will please you with a rich harvest.

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