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Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Most often the largest area of ​​hothousesoccupy cucumbers. All because this culture is more early-ripened than other vegetables, and yields good yields. Do not know how to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse? Follow the advice.

If there is appropriate agricultural technology andreally favorable light conditions, it is absolutely possible for a short period of time to get a good harvest. Especially if the cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse occurs in a closed ground.

Cucumber is a culture that can be grown onthroughout the year. But we must take into account that the exploitation of greenhouses in winter is a very serious matter. If you want the cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse to yield a significant financial result, carefully follow the technology by which this culture is grown. This means that only if you can create and maintain the necessary conditions in the greenhouse, you will get a good harvest from growing them in greenhouses. In the opposite case, the plants will be unhealthy. And this not only does not bring you the desired profit, but will entail unnecessary expenses.

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse in spring is perfectanother thing. It is at this time of the year that the day goes on lengthening, and the temperature on the street is getting higher. This is the ideal time when you can grow cucumbers. After all, their "maintenance" every day will cost you all cheaper.

A little about greenhouses

Let's talk a little about what should begreenhouses, where to start growing cucumbers and what not to do. Do not make a decision to create a greenhouse spontaneously. In this case, you can not do everything correctly. To think about the creation of a greenhouse is necessary in the fall. First, determine the place where it will be located. This is necessary in order to make all mineral and organic fertilizers from the fall. On a square meter of land you need at least 2.5 kilograms of manure, 45 grams of superphosphate and 20 grams of potassium sulfate. When you bring in all these fertilizers, dig up the soil and leave it alone until spring. When the time comes, before loosening, add 25 grams per square meter of ammonium nitrate.

Another very important point is the needDetermine the design of your greenhouse. To date, you can purchase any frame, metal, collapsible greenhouse. They will be very easy to put on the right place with the advent of spring, and then make the necessary fertilizer and loosen the soil. If you prefer a wooden greenhouse, assembled with your own hands, it is advisable to do it again in the autumn, before you bring in the bulk of fertilizers.

Covering the structure with a film is best days for12 before you plan to start growing cucumbers in the greenhouse, that is, to plant the seedlings. In addition, it is necessary to warm it well, so that a suitable temperature of the soil and air is established. To normally plant your seedlings, the temperature of the soil at a depth of 10 centimeters should be no less than 14 degrees. To achieve this will, most likely, only by mid-March. If you plant the seedlings in a colder ground, it will fall ill, and it is possible that the yield of cucumbers in the greenhouse will be zero.

Plant cucumbers in a vertical position,so that the seedling is level in the soil or slightly lower. It is very important not to damage the root system. Before planting and after it, the plants should be well watered.

Planted seedlings should be mildly watered,while avoiding overmoistening, or, conversely, drying out the soil. It may be necessary to make one bait with phosphorus or nitrogen fertilizer. The total concentration of the solution should be 2 grams per liter. It is very important not to stop taking good care of cucumbers. It is best to water them every day. With such care in a month or a little more you will have a good harvest of wonderful vegetables.

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