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Fuel consumption per 100 km on BMW: diesel or gasoline?

German auto giant, previously onlycars, and also motorcycles, in 1999 decides to start to master a niche of off-road cars. It's about the X5 model, which later became, in a sense, a quality standard in this area. Consider in the material such an important aspect, as fuel consumption per 100 km. On the BMW in the fifth version of the all-wheel drive set several types of motors. Let's discuss some of them in more detail.

fuel consumption per 100 km per bmw

Variety of models

Since the models of the Bavarian concern are hugeset, in a small article there is a reason to consider only one. And the choice fell on X5, as one of the most gluttonous representatives of the motley family BMW. X5, fuel consumption per 100 km for which ranges from 10 to 40 liters, is famous for its good power and engine speed, as it is supposed to be a mid-engine crossover. However, as can be seen, the spread in consumption is quite large. Let's figure out why the numbers fluctuate in such a wide range.


Rumors that the gasoline engines are muchmore gluttonous than diesel, have a very real confirmation, if we talk about the car BMW X5. Indeed, many owners report giant consumption figures. So, for a three-liter engine installed on the X5 in the body of the E53, that is, in the first generation of a crossover produced from 1999 to 2006, the readings fluctuate within the following limits. The route is 12-13 liters, and in the city - 16-20. Well and further - more.

bmw x5 fuel consumption per 100 km

Fuel consumption per 100 km on a BMW with engine 4.4 gives the following layout. The route is 14-16, the city is 18-22. 4.8-liter version shows record results. Here, the flow ranges from 21 to 40. It all depends on the driver's persistence in the gas pedal and the engine usage mode. The most "evil" in terms of gluttony is sports. All figures, of course, relate to the operation of automatic boxes, since on "mechanics" the consumption is usually somewhat less.


As for the more economical option withusing a diesel engine, everything is not so dramatic. Here, too much depends on the mode of operation. But let's look at some numbers. Fuel consumption per 100 km on the BMW in diesel performance also depends on the factor of the terrain. So, on the highway you can spend only 8-10 liters. The city, as usual, is more "cruel" in terms of fuel losses. Here you can burn from 12 to 16 liters of high-quality diesel. Everything, again, depends on the racing preferences of the driver and his luck in the conditions of urban traffic jams.


Fuel consumption per 100 km on BMW, ifconsider gluttonous crossovers, whatever one may say, very much even rather big. Especially if you take a used X5 with a gasoline engine, which, incidentally, after 50 thousand little by little begins to "eat" and oil.

bmw x6 fuel consumption per 100 km

As for another interesting representativeBavarian crossovers BMW X6, fuel consumption per 100 km for it is slightly less, if we talk about the gasoline version. For the three-liter engine are typical 8-10 on the highway and 14-16 in the city. All this is also rather big numbers. So for the chic, as you know, you have to pay.

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