/ What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Tundra and what can be the reason for the increased consumption?

What is the fuel consumption of the Toyota Tundra and what can be the reason for the increased expense?

Toyota Tundra is truly Americanpick-up truck, which stands out for its impressive and aggressive design, heavy lifting capacity, powerful engine and ... "economy" in terms of fuel consumption. Yes, the fuel consumption of the Toyota Tundra is decent, at a minimum, it spends on a hundred 18 liters of gasoline. However, in order to fully verify the data, today we will devote a separate article to the Toyota Tundra and its economy. And in the end we will consider the reasons, because of which the pickup can spend more gasoline.

fuel consumption of tundra

As practice shows, pick-up from 5.The 7-liter engine absorbs a "hundred" from 18 to 25 liters. This indicator directly depends on the condition of the roads and the manner of driving the driver. So, on a flat and straight track with a calm ride, this pickup "eats" 18 liters, and if you try, then 17.

The fuel consumption of the Toyota Tundra 57 canincrease to 30 liters (for comparison, a 20-ton truck tractor "Renault Magnum" at full load spends from 30 to 35 liters of solar oil). To do this, enough frequent "stops", traffic jams and the included air conditioner. In general, the city "Toyota Tundra" spends no more than 25 liters.

tuota tundra fuel consumption

It is also worth noting that the fuel consumption of ToyotaThe Tundra with a 4.7-liter engine is not much different from its older brother. So, on the road this car can absorb from 17 to 22 liters of fuel. On the city in general, no difference - 24-25 liters. Again, the value of economy can vary depending on driving style and road conditions. By the way, the fuel consumption of Toyota Tundra can increase to 10 percent if you go for a long time at idle. This is due to the fact that when the gear is turned off, gasoline does not burn up completely in the chamber and simply flies into the pipe.

What if the fuel consumption of the Toyota Tundra pickup truck increased to 30 liters or more?

In this case, you should find out the source of the problem. As a rule, the main reason for the increased flow rate is a malfunction in the engine management system. Most often fuel consumption increases due to incorrect operation of sensors, which are intended for calculating the preparation of an air-fuel mixture. It can be:

  • Intake manifold and intake manifold temperature sensor, as well as coolant temperature.
  • Lambda probe.
  • Throttle Position Sensors and DMRV - the mass air flow sensor.

As a rule, the life of the last elementcan be reduced because of the late replacement of the air filter. Due to a lack of oxygen, the work of the DMR is disrupted, resulting in an incorrect mixture formation and a greater amount of gasoline enters the cell.

fuel consumption of tiotra 57

The incorrect work of all these details is expressedin the preparation of a very poor or enriched fuel-air mixture. To diagnose the condition of the sensors is best in the service center, where you will be replaced. However, if you do not want to drive a car into a car service, you can diagnose everything yourself. Only for this you need at least one motor tester or at least a multimeter. In extreme cases, you can use a voltmeter.

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