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Left hemisphere of the brain

One of the mysteries of the human body lies in thestructure and functioning of the brain. In 1836 the French doctor M. Dax expressed his first guesses about the disparity of his hemispheres. Then began systematic brain research, and gradually the following picture emerged.

Both hemispheres of the brain (left and right) are connectedbetween themselves nerve fibers - a corpus callosum. With its help, information is exchanged between them. Each hemisphere of the brain directs the work of the opposite side of the body. A healthy brain works as a whole. We do not ponder what part of it is included in each of our actions and thoughts, which predominates over the other and plays the leading role. With injuries, there may be a violation of perception of reality.

The left hemisphere is associated with logical thinking andspeech: works with words, symbols, signs. The right is responsible for sensory-spatial perception. However, the main difference between the hemispheres is not even the type of information they perceive, but the way in which they process it.

The left hemisphere helps to cost complicated phrases, butwhile it is able to create only monotonous, information-free speech. For the emotional color, rhythm and pace of speech is the right side of the brain. Left - is aimed at evaluating the pleasant moments of life and the reflection of its joyful content, it controls the sense of humor. A more rational assessment of events (including the perception of negative moments) is the area of ​​influence of the right half.

The left hemisphere responds to speech, but it does notperceives other sounds (birds singing, rain noise, etc.). It easily solves complex problems, for example, classification of concepts, understands the differences between objects and phenomena. It is included when it is necessary to cheat, lie, embellish events, because it perceives truth as a relative concept, unlike the right one, which seeks to accurately reflect reality. For the latter, time goes synchronously with real events (perceives only the present, not estimating how many events last), while for the left hemisphere the chronological sequence of what is happening is important.

The left hemisphere sets goals, providing the right search for options and solutions to achieve them. It is responsible for account, reading, intelligence, spelling, linear thinking.

Development of the left hemisphere of the brain is particularly intensebegin to stimulate from the period of admission of the child to school. Our culture as a whole is characterized by a left hemisphere orientation, therefore this part of the brain is more active than the right one. Thanks to the writing, which takes as its basis the alphabet, and not the hieroglyphic symbols, the movement of our eyes is directed from childhood from left to right, education has a rationalistic orientation, etc. Nevertheless, if further development of the left hemisphere is required, then mathematics (or other natural science disciplines), solving puzzles and crossword puzzles, are very effective.

The left half of the brain thinks methodically and linearly,so for its training the logical tasks that require a rational and thoughtful solution are best suited. The left hemisphere is so arranged that it is able to clearly distinguish details, isolate parts from the whole, analyze individual moments, compare information, link it with the knowledge that we have learned before.

It is very important that this part of the brain thinks with the help oflanguage. It turns out that when solving problems, the brain, as it were, conducts an internal dialogue with our "I", linking our inner subjective world with the external. And this is especially important not only for the development of the rational and logical component of the personality, but also for acquiring harmony with itself and its environment.

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