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The drug "Geksoral": reviews and recommendations for use

Used in ENT-practice and dentistrythe preparation "Hexsoral" (reviews about which testify to the effectiveness and ease of use), is available as a spray, a solution for gargling or pills. Each dosage form has its advantages.

The cause of the drug may bethe following diseases: tonsillitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, postoperative period (in dentistry or ENT practice), inflammation of the mouth, the causes of which are various bacteria or fungi. The result of the use of the drug is a reduction in cough, healing of ulcers, reduction of edema of the mucosa and pain in the throat.

With the correct use of the drug "Geksoral"reviews of its effectiveness, mostly, positive. For example, both solution and aerosol are used only after eating. This allows the drug to remain on the mucosa and act until the next meal.

The active substance contained in the spray,is hexetidine, which has a broad spectrum of action. In addition to it, there are a number of additional ingredients, including essential oils of eucalyptus, anise, mint, etc. They contribute to the antimicrobial effect of the drug.

In the tablets "Geksoral tabs", which are also noted for their effectiveness, include benzocaine and chlorhexidine, which have not only antibacterial but also analgesic effect.

When using a rinse solution,remember that you can not swallow it. If the oral cavity is sprayed with aerosol, it is necessary to hold the breath so that the particles of the drug do not enter the lungs. This can cause bronchospasm in people who are predisposed to allergies.

Contraindication to the use of medicinalthe remedy is the age of 3-4 years and the individual intolerance of any component contained in it. It should be noted that, despite their effectiveness, tablets "Geksoral", reviews about which often occur more in a positive way, still are a drug, which is necessary only after consultation with the doctor. Some components of the solution or spray can become toxic when ingested into the bronchi or esophagus and cause unpleasant consequences.

The action of the medicine is calculated for 12 hours,therefore it is recommended to apply it 2 times a day, except for pills, which allow adults to drink up to 8 pieces per day, and children - up to 4 pieces. When rinsing the throat with a solution, it can be accidentally swallowed. Most often, in these cases, a vomitive reflex appears, thanks to which harmful substances come out from the body, so an overdose is rare. If, after all, too much liquid has got inside, you should immediately wash the stomach, then the treatment is symptomatic. Especially harmful is an overdose for babies, since the ethyl alcohol contained in the preparation can cause alcohol poisoning.

Those who use the drug in complex therapy"Geksoral" (spray), reviews of side effects are very rare. With prolonged treatment with tablets, there may be a taste disorder or numbness in the oral cavity. During the waiting period for the child and lactation, the drug is administered with caution, since there are no clinical data on its safety in this period.

The drug "Hexoral" reviews are often recommended fordelivering children from sore throats or similar diseases of the oral cavity. In this case, it is important to remember that up to 3 years do not apply the spray, and up to 4 years - tablets and rinse solution. This remedy is a medicine with high efficiency, and its composition is not as harmless as it seems, which is the reason to use it only on the advice of a doctor.

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