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How harmful is the computer's impact on human health?

Imagine a life without a computer today is quite difficult. It is an assistant in work and leisure, an excellent way to communicate, as well as a place to store a huge amount of important information.

Due to the fact that people spend more and more time with monitors, they have to

the influence of the computer on human health
answer yourself to the same question about whether the computer's impact on human health is so serious.

Electromagnetic radiation

Loudest opponents of work at the computertalked about the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. A lot of copies have been broken around this problem, but, more recently, this topic has ceased to be so urgent. Liquid crystal screens are not dangerous and do not have any serious effect on human health.

Influence on vision

Older models of monitors had one more serious drawback - the image flickered. And this, in turn, caused additional strain on the eyes.

the influence of the computer on the human body
Now we are free of flicker. But the influence of the computer on human health began to manifest itself with the problem of the so-called "dry eye". Due to the fact that while reading the text on the screen, we practically do not blink, the eye is slightly moistened and, as a result, dries up. There is a burning sensation, the cornea turns red.

This problem can be solved if the usercomputer will not forget to blink and from time to time translate a look at distant objects. This will help relax the muscle of the eye, forced for a long time to keep it in motion.

Problems from sitting position

These problems arose long beforethe first computers appeared. The effect on the whole of our body of prolonged stay in a compelled position can not be positioned, as the influence of the computer on human health.

After all, even before the computer era from a longsitting there were problems with the spine, with pelvic organs, circulatory disorders in the lower limbs and, finally, with overweight, due to lack of physical exertion.

These problems are also solved if the person working forcomputer people will not forget to periodically change the pose: get up, walk around, do rotational movements of the head, hands. Excellent help slopes and squats. Before you start, it's worth worrying about equipping your workstation. You need a well-chosen chair for growth and a table - this will ensure your long-term working capacity without the risk of getting sick.

The influence of the computer on the nervous system

computer impact on a person

The most serious influence of the computer on human health manifests itself, perhaps, precisely in its effect on the nervous system.

This includes dependence on computer gamesthe unstable psyche of adolescents, and the state of overstrain and mental fatigue, in those whose work is associated with a constant sitting behind the monitor. Such work forces a person to process a huge amount of information, and often, and make quick decisions, not giving time for rest and reflection - this is precisely the harmful effect of the computer on a person. And this impact can be reduced, only remembering that not a single "tragedy" that has arisen in the working moment is worth your health and strength!

The correct organization of labor, the change in the type of activity, the ability to distract yourself to something pleasant - all this will make the computer's influence on the human body not so dangerous for health.

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