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The impact of the environment on human health

Human activities in the last fewmillennia was able to influence the Earth. As reality shows, it becomes the only source of pollution in the environment. Because of what is observed: a decline in soil fertility, desertification and land degradation, deterioration of air and water quality, extinction of biological species and ecosystems. In addition, there is a negative impact of the environment on human health and the duration of his life. According to modern statistics, more than 80% of diseases are due to the fact that we breathe, what we drink water and for what soil we go. Let us consider this in more detail.

The negative impact of the environment onhuman health is due to industrial enterprises, which are located near residential areas. As a rule, these are powerful sources of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The impact of environmental pollution on human health

In the air, various solid andgaseous substances. These are oxides of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, lead compounds, dust, chromium, and asbestos, which can have a poisonous effect on the body (respiratory system, mucous membranes, eyesight and smell).

Influence of environmental pollution on healthman contributes to the deterioration of the general condition. As a result, bronchitis, asthma, nausea, headaches and a feeling of weakness, and disability decrease.

The negative impact also has a water balanceOf the Earth. Diseases that are transmitted through contaminated sources cause deterioration, and often death. As a rule, the most dangerous are ponds, lakes and rivers, in which pathogenic microorganisms and viruses are actively multiplying.

Contaminated drinking water, which comes from the aqueduct, contributes to the development of human cardiovascular and renal pathologies, the emergence of various diseases.

The impact of the environment on human health

Consequently, as a result of the fact that a personconstantly creates a large number of amenities for his life, scientific progress "does not stand still." Due to the implementation of most of its achievements, a whole complex of harmful and unfavorable factors for life appeared. We are talking about an increased level of radiation, toxic substances, combustible fire-hazardous materials and noise.

In addition, it can be noted and psychologicalimpact on the person. For example, due to the fact that large settlements are saturated with machines, not only the negative impact of transport on the environment is realized, but also there is tension and fatigue.

The impact of transport on the environment

The impact of the environment on human healthoccurs through soil, the sources of pollution of which are enterprises and residential buildings. Thanks to human activity, not only chemical (mercury, lead, arsenic, and so on) comes into it, but also organic compounds. From the soil they penetrate into the groundwater, which is absorbed by the plants, and then through the plants, meat and milk enter the body.

So it turns out that the impact of the environment on human health, as a habitat, is negative.

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