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Migraine: folk remedies

Migraine. Symptoms and treatment of this disease are of interest to many. Headaches in our time are not uncommon, but they do not know how to get rid of them. "Fashionable disease" - this is sometimes called a migraine. More often the disease affects people, whose work is of a strained nature.

The following symptoms are typical for migraine: a strong aching headache in one half of the head, shifting to the eyes, ears, and neck, sometimes pulsating, accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Often irritating factors are noise and light. Very often, the onset of this disease is hereditary. Moreover, female representatives suffer from this "sore" much more often from the stronger sex.

Many suffering from this disease, oftenask themselves: how to treat a migraine? The use of folk remedies is also applicable, as well as medicamentous. Of course, a visit to a neurologist who correctly establishes or confirms the diagnosis, will prescribe medications. Often, when there was a migraine, folk remedies can be the first help. Medicinal plants in this case are simply irreplaceable. In some situations, they can not only alleviate the condition, but also relieve the pain for at least some time, which is important for patients. No wonder, after all, we often read and hear: "Has a migraine started? Folk remedies will help. " And it definitely is.

After all, in old times people did not hear aboutmedicines, and from this affliction suffered already and then. They were most often served by medicinal plants or other improvised means, the benefits of which we know, but do not always resort to them. So, a little about the means of traditional medicine.

Migraine: folk remedies.

Reduce pain during headacheswill help a cabbage leaf, a leaf of lilac or lemon slices. Cabbage leaves (previously slightly crushed to let the juice) are applied to the frontal part of the head and wrapped in a handkerchief or scarf. Such a "compress" can be quite long, while the state of rest and the accompanying silence in the room is important. Apply fresh cabbage leaves in parallel and can be a painful place. Similarly, you can use a sheet of lilac. When using lemon, the lobules are applied to the temporal part of the head from both sides and are also wrapped with a scarf or scarf. The effect arises from the fact that the burning sensation in the places where the lemon is located, in a way, "delays the pain."

It is also useful to take herbal infusions. For example, infusion of blackcurrant branches is useful. Prepare it in this way: 1 tablespoon chopped branches pour a glass of boiling water and insist for at least 4 hours, after which the filtered infusion to drink at least three times a day for 2 tablespoons. Very useful and not bad helps fresh juice of the currant, which should be taken at least three times a day for 200 ml. It is recommended to take and potato juice for headaches: daily for 150-200 ml. Not bad infusion of oregano helps: 1 tablespoon of dry grass is poured with boiling water (500 ml), it is insisted 30 minutes (at the same time the container is wrapped up warm). It is taken by 1 / 2-1 glass two or three times a day.

By the same principle, it is possible to prepare andMelissa infusion: 15 grams poured a glass of boiling water and infused the same time. It is often taken: at least five times a day for 1-2 tablespoons. In addition to juices and broths, you can try inhalation of apple cider vinegar and water in equal proportions. The resulting solution should be poured into the basin, put on fire and inhale the emitting steam no less than 70-80 times.

One of the remedies for migraine is caffeine: Strong coffee and tea will also help with headaches. Very strong saves strong black (you can green) tea, which will be added mint. Well, of course, Valerian will be an indispensable tool. Baths or infusions from this plant will necessarily bring the expected relief. That's roughly how the concepts of "migraine" - "people's means" - are combined. However, a visit to the doctor still does not hurt. If you have migraines, treatment with folk remedies will not be superfluous by the recommendations of a specialist. Be healthy!

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