/ Why does the knee crack when crouching and walking?

Why does the knee crack when crouching and walking?

Paradoxical as it may sound, even modern science can not answer the question of why crunches his knee. There are several versions, but scientists still can not always determine the true causes of joint diseases. We propose to discuss this issue and try to find an answer to it together.

why crunches the knee
Suppose you are a middle-aged man. You have never (practically) had any health problems, so there's nothing to complain about. You are envious of peers and people of the older generation, because absolutely happy people do not exist. And then one beautiful sunny day you walk down the street and suddenly you notice that something is wrong with your foot. Why does knee crackle when walking, because before such problems did not arise? You ask friends, but no one can give a clear answer to the question that interests you. Then you start to lead a healthy lifestyle: no cigarettes and alcohol, exercise, and the like. However, almost immediately there is another question without an answer - why knee-bones crunch when squatting? The problem starts to bother you, and you no longer know what to do. What is the reason for this behavior of the joints? Is it worth worrying, or is it quite normal for an aging organism?

why knees crunch when squatting
There are several reasons why the knee crackles:

  1. In the joint, the surface is broken. As a result, the muscles and bones do not fall clearly into the place with which they should be connected during walking and squats.
  2. The appearance of a tumor or inflammation, because of which the joints can not work properly.
  3. Genetic predisposition to hypermobility, that is, your joints have greater mobility than other people.
  4. Another reason why the knee crackles is an exacerbation of arthrosis. In this case, the joints begin to wear out due to friction between them.
  5. Consequences of the transferred trauma. This can be a bruise or fracture.
  6. Hidden polyarthritis, rheumatism and other serious diseases.
    crunching knees while walking

Either way, the problem requires a doctorinterference, otherwise within a month you can not even move your foot. Do not be equal to those who run the problem, saying that this is a normal process. Even if many people crunch their knees while walking, starting a developing disease is not recommended if you want to move and enjoy life. Be sure to consult a specialist to find out the cause of this phenomenon. What can be done while at home?

  1. Get a special bandage in the pharmacyA device that helps maintain joint stability. Do not carry weights to avoid overloading the joints. Let them rest for some time, maybe this will solve your problem.
  2. Try to grease crunchy joints with ointments "Fastum-gel", "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac" in "unloading" days.
  3. In addition to conventional warming agents,it is recommended to lubricate the joints with special restoring agents. They contain a large amount of calcium, which helps to restore the structure of the joint and promotes its complete healing.
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