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Who helps Turboslim (tea)? Consumer recall, indications and dosage

Today in the pharmaceutical market can be founda lot of dietary supplements for weight loss. Among the huge amount of drugs, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice and find a truly effective and safe remedy. The company "Evalar" offers a complex of dietary supplements that help maintain the body in tone. The company started producing its products in 1994 and during that time proved itself on the good side.

turboslim tea review

Huge popularity among consumersuses "Turboslim" - tea. Feedback on the product is mostly positive. Drink allows you to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and toxins. Green tea not only helps to reduce weight, but also charges vivacity, improves well-being. This is a completely natural product with a mild laxative effect.

How to use Turboslim tea? Contraindications and dosage

According to experts, the drink strengthensimmunity and favorably affects the functional activity of the nervous system. But since it is an active additive, before using it it is necessary to consult a doctor who will indicate the individual dosage and course. If the dosage is not complied with, there may be abnormalities in the digestive tract. Women can change their menstrual cycle.

tea turboslim contraindications

Illiterate use can lead toinsomnia, urinary tract diseases and hypertension. Teenagers should not drink Turboslim. Green tea is not recommended for pregnant women. Applying this supplement, you should abandon other biologically active drugs (to avoid negative consequences). Those who want to lose weight must pass a two-week course, drinking a cup in the morning and evening.

If used correctly, the result will not causelong to wait. After 14 days, your weight will drop to 5 kg. The principle of its action is achieved due to mild laxative and toning effects. Appetite decreases noticeably. The manufacturer promises that the drink improves the digestive system and relieves constipation.

What does Turboslim contain (tea)?

The recall of the doctors does not cause serious concern. According to experts, the drink normalizes metabolic processes and promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat. All the ingredients are selected very competently.

- Green tea is the basis of the supplement. As you know, it contains all the useful substances (caffeine, minerals, antioxidants, tannin, flavonoids, polyphenols), helping to safely reduce weight, accelerate metabolism and restore bowel function. In addition, green tea perfectly activates the function of the central nervous system, invigorates and helps fight apathy.

- Peppermint eliminates vomiting and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

 turboslim green tea

- Corn stigmas have long been known for their powerful cholagogic action, and they also perfectly eliminate the feeling of hunger.

- Garcinia Cambodian reduces harmful cholesterol, prevents the deposition of adipose tissue and reduces appetite.

- The Alexandrian leaf has a lenient effect.

Cherry cherries eliminate stagnant phenomena and relieve puffiness.


As we see, only natural componentscontains the "Turboslim". Tea (the review of many confirms this) has excellent taste and high efficiency. To achieve the best effect, experts recommend combining it with physical activity, while limiting the consumption of carbohydrate and fatty foods.

The company "Evalar" advises to use otherSupplements of the same series: coffee, tablets and tablets. Use reasonably "Turboslim". Tea, a tip about which is the most flattering, yet can not be the guarantor of your health: one drug will help, and the other will do harm.

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