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Tincture of magnolia vine: benefit and harm, instructions for use

Tincture of magnolia vine - benefit and harm ?! This question arises in those who are first faced with this tool. Schisandra, which is the basis of the drug, has a strong tonicity, thanks to which so popular tincture from it. Also, the remedy is used to treat many diseases. But there are a number of contraindications, which are worth paying attention to. The main thing is to consult a doctor before you start taking the tincture.

tincture of magnolia vine

Features of the plant

Lemongrass is a tree-like liana withleaves that have a pleasant lemon flavor. The plant can be found in Asia, in the Far East. In use are not only the leaves, but fruits. In the people they are called the fruits of "5 tastes", because when you bite them, you alternately feel:

  • acid;
  • bitterness;
  • sweetness;
  • salty, and then an unleavened taste.

In fact, Schizandra is 25 species, but infolk medicine uses only two - Crimean and Far Eastern. If you compare the tonic effect of this plant with others, then it is second only to ginseng.

When people learned about the beneficial properties of Schisandra,then they have adapted to grow it on plantations. At the present time, pharmaceutical companies are actively engaged in this, because alcoholic tincture of magnolia vine is a very effective tool used to treat many diseases. Also, lovers of exotic plants in their private plots grow lemongrass.

Useful components

Lignans are substances for which the Schizandra is so valued. They have the strongest antioxidant effect, and also prevent the development of malignant tumors. Due to the lignans, the cholesterol level in the blood decreases, and the probability of sclerotic plaques formation is minimized.

tincture of magnolia vine

Other useful components of Schisandra:

  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • pectin;
  • microelements;
  • acids;
  • tannins;
  • essential oils;
  • flavonoids.

A complex of such active substances is a guarantee of the incredible healing power of this plant.

Benefits of tincture

When and who should take the tincture of magnolia vine? This question arises in those who first meets this tool and does not know for what purposes it is intended. The first thing for which tincture is valued is for its toning property. If you take the drug, then after half an hour the effect will be achieved. As a result, a person is active and full of energy for 6 hours. In comparison with other power engineers, this remedy is more sparing in relation to nerve cells.

What else has a tincture of Schisandra? Properties that need attention:

  • If a long time to take the remedy, then the immunity will become much stronger. The risk of developing malignant tumors is reduced to zero.
  • Positively affects the work of the digestive tract (copes with diarrhea, improves digestion), the genitourinary system (facilitates pain during menstruation, reduces the tone of the muscles of the uterus).

tincture of magnolia vinegar instructions for use

  • He struggles with insomnia, fatigue, neutralizes the decline of strength.
  • Restores emotional stability, eliminating depressive states, susceptibility to stressful situations.
  • Helps to overcome respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.
  • Fights dermatological problems.
  • Promotes rapid healing of wounds, ulcers, which for a long time are not delayed.
  • Increases sexual activity, prevents the development of impotence.
  • Fights kidney and liver diseases.


Lemongrass tincture, instructions for usewhich is sufficiently clear and does not require medical education, in order to understand how and when to take the remedy, should be used only after consulting a doctor. The tool is in addition to the main course of treatment.


How effective tincture of lemongrass? The benefits and harms of this drug are equally important for those who want to try it. After all, if you do not know contraindications to the use of lemongrass, you can cause irreparable harm to your health. People with neurological problems are strictly forbidden to take this infusion. The main restrictions include chronic liver and kidney diseases. If there are irregularities in the work of the cardiovascular system, then there is no talk about any tonic remedies.

lemongrass tincture reviews

The main contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • increased excitability;
  • childhood;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • epilepsy;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • impaired cerebral circulation;
  • acute infectious disease.

Mode of application

How is tincture of lemongrass used? Instructions for use:

  • Single dose - 30 drops.
  • Take half an hour before meals or 3 hours later.
  • The frequency of admission - 3 times a day.
  • The last reception should not be later than 5 pm
  • Reception course - at least a month.

Before using the tincture, you need to shake it in a bottle. Drops should be dissolved in a small amount of water.

Side effects

Usually the tincture is well tolerated. If a person overdoes it and takes more than the recommended amount of drops, then an adverse reaction is possible. This also happens when the drug is not suitable.

spirit tincture of lemongrass

Main side effects:

  • the occurrence of significant headache;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • rapid pulse;
  • sleep disorders;
  • allergy (itching, urticaria).

Preparation of tincture

Tincture of lemongrass, the benefits and harms of which are now clear, is sold in a pharmacy. But if you wish, you can prepare the tool yourself.

Instructions for cooking:

  • 20 g of crushed berries of lemongrass (must be dry) must be placed in a glass container with dark walls.
  • Pour berries with alcohol - 100 g
  • Tightly close the container.
  • To put means in the dark place for 10 days, at the same time daily to shake up.
  • When 10 days pass, you need to strain the tincture.

take tincture of lemongrass

If you follow all the rules, the tool should be transparent. Store the drug is recommended in glass containers, putting in the refrigerator.

Cost of preparation

Lemongrass tincture, the price of which depends onmanufacturer, is sold in any pharmacy. Cost of funds is available for everyone. Therefore, if the doctor advised the infusion of lemongrass for treatment, then there is no doubt, but to buy the drug without spending large sums on it.


Many people doubt the efficacy of herbal medicines. Lemongrass tincture, reviews of which are in most cases positive, is no exception.

Those who have tried it for the treatment of diseases orto recuperate, were satisfied with the effect. Reviews of people say that after a few days from the start of the drug you can feel the improvement in their condition. And after the full course - and completely get rid of the problem.

Another nuance for which is appreciated tincturelemongrass - the price available to everyone. Some argue that the self-prepared product is not inferior to the pharmacy drug. The main thing is to follow all the rules that are described in the recipe, to use only high-quality ingredients, and then the tincture will act as expected.

lemongrass tincture properties

But there are people who speak negatively about it.means. Lemongrass tincture, the benefits and harms of which were not studied before the intake, caused side effects. The basic rule, which states that you always need to carefully study the instructions of the drug, was not taken into account. As a result, the person became worse, and he had to refuse to take the drug. But this does not affect the well-deserved reputation of the drug.

Tincture is quite effective.lemongrass. Reviews of real users confirm this. The drug can be purchased at any pharmacy at an affordable price, but if desired, and the availability of the necessary ingredients, it is really possible to independently prepare a product no worse than a pharmacy. The main thing, before deciding to use this drug, consult a doctor. After all, there are a number of indications for which you can not apply tincture of lemongrass. Otherwise, it can cause an undesirable reaction of the body and aggravate the condition.

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