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Dentistry "Smile" (Omsk). About the clinic: services, prices, patient reviews

If it seems to you that the teeth do not hurt, then thisdoes not at all mean that everything is in order with them. In order to timely identify problems and diseases of the oral cavity, it is recommended to visit dentists periodically. However, the choice of a dental clinic is an important matter, and it should be approached with utmost responsibility.

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Beautiful "Smile" - it does not hurt

Omsk residents have trusted the company for many years"Smile", which has several dental clinics throughout the city. Dentistry "Smile" (Omsk) has been working for more than seventeen years. The clinic uses only high-quality and proven materials. Doctors use only the latest developments and high-quality equipment. In dentistry everything is thought out: comfortable and comfortable atmosphere, suitable design of halls and workrooms. Everything is done solely for the convenience of patients. The professionals of this clinic are treated by whole families, recommend it to friends and acquaintances. What is the reason for such popularity among patients?

Pride in professionalism

Dental Clinic "Smile" is proudtheir specialists. They are true professionals in their field, experienced and responsive, kind and understanding, highly qualified and proven. Others here at work simply will not be taken. The specialists of the clinic can help you in any, even the most difficult and seemingly hopeless, situation.

Doctors working here periodically visitvarious seminars, undergo additional training and improve their skills in the capital, St. Petersburg and foreign clinics. Many of them are participants and winners of various competitions. Great experience and high qualification is a weighty reason for trust.

Services provided

The range of services that dentistry provides"Smile" (Omsk), is extensive. Here you can clean up the oral cavity professionally and professionally whiten your teeth. We offer services for the restoration of hard tissues using special tabs. Doctors perform painless extraction of teeth, as well as artistic restoration and implantation.

The dental clinic "Smile" rendersservices for elimination of caries, gum treatment, installation of braces. Qualified doctors can perform full prosthetics of the teeth, as well as relieve patients of periodontitis and other problems. Specialists of "Smiles" also practice creative work. They are engaged in installing skyses, that is, special ornaments for teeth, which today are considered very fashionable.

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In the clinic, the doctor is a therapist-dentist, andalso a children's specialist works. There is also a surgical room, where the most complex operations are carried out. Dentistry "Smile" (Omsk) also has high-quality imported equipment, which carries panoramic radiography.

Promotions, discounts, prices and payment methods

Of course, any patient in a private clinic willinterest in the issue associated with the company's pricing policy. Judging by the reviews, the prices here are democratic and quite affordable. Payment is made in cash or by presenting a policy of honey. insurance.

Pleasing patients and special promotions and discounts,which is often practiced "Smile" (stomatology Omsk on Koneva, 32). For example, it is very beneficial to visit the clinic until ten o'clock in the morning. In this case, you will receive a 10% discount on dental treatment. The same discount will be expected for those patients who made an advance recording online. Dentistry has its own site, where there is all the information necessary for patients, prices, a list of services and discount programs.

Pleases with discounts and low prices dentistry"Smile" (Omsk) and birthday men. If you present your passport in confirmation, you will receive a significant discount to your birthday. The promotion is distributed five days before the identity and five days after the birthday.

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Unfortunately, there is not always enoughthe amount of money you can spend for the health of your teeth. Now you do not have to endure a toothache "before payday". The Smile clinic provides all patients with the possibility of interest-free installment payments. There are also services of crediting with the possibility of early repayment of payment without interest. Administrators of the clinic, as well as specialists working on the site of dentistry, always politely and intelligibly answer all questions of interest.


For any patient that has been selected"Smile" (stomatology Omsk), reviews will play far from the last role. All patients mark high qualification and professional approach. Parents really like that their children are surrounded by care and attention. Many mummies say that the children never cried while sitting in the dentist's chair. And this is already worth a lot. Some people treat their teeth in Smile for many years with their whole family and are not going to change specialists.

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Most patients who visited the clinicfor the first time, they ask themselves: "Why did not I come here earlier and why did I give my own money for bad quality and rudeness of doctors?" Someone was advised by acquaintances, someone came here himself and never regretted it.

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