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Beautiful smile - the key to success

The most important criterion of a beautiful smile is good to everyoneknown - it's healthy, white even teeth. Dentists, who have many modern ways to make your smile truly beautiful, can help you in this.

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If your teeth are healthy and do not requirepreliminary treatment, then no more than two hours after visiting the dentist, a beautiful smile is provided to you. You will say that this is a fantasy or another publicity stunt. No, you are mistaken. Achieve a great result in such a short time will help a new technique ZOOM AP (ZUM-3). This development allows you to whiten your teeth for 12-16 shades for one visit to the dentist! Its main advantage is the program of strengthening the teeth. The beneficial effect of preparations containing potassium, fluoride, calcium turns the enamel of your teeth into a perfectly smooth, smooth, shiny and snow-white surface.

Beautiful smile you are guaranteed afterhardware whitening. This is a new technology associated with the use of a laser beam, which provides effective and simultaneously sparing bleaching. This method can be used for patients with any shade of enamel.

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The procedure is quite simple and consists inapplying a bleaching gel in three layers, which is activated with a laser. Before processing the enamel with a laser, the gum should be safely isolated. The whole process of bleaching takes no more than an hour and a half, it does not cause pain and does not require anesthesia. The procedure is completed by coating the teeth with a gel that lowers the sensitivity of the teeth.

A laser unit is capable of selecting the exactThe time of the beam action and the parameters of its intensity for each specific case. A beautiful smile will please you after the completion of the procedure, but the maximum effect you will appreciate the next day.

If your goal is a beautiful smile, dentistrycan offer a variety of ways to achieve it. Now they talk a lot and discuss the so-called Hollywood smile. I must say that this method deserves special attention.

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Unusual miracles are able to create modern dentistry. The smile of a man over which the specialists "puffed" becomes irreproachable.

Many people are interested in how to make a Hollywood smile, and what it will cost.

To begin with, complete oral hygiene is carried out.cavities, it is necessary to cure caries, to establish the necessary seals, to make all the necessary "repairs", which you will appoint a doctor. If you are a happy owner of perfectly healthy teeth, then creating a smile "in Hollywood" will take you no more than three visits to the dentist.

A beautiful smile will require makingspecial individual veneers that do not require additional turning of the tooth. They are made of special, patented materials. The complete procedure is divided into two or three stages. The process begins with a consultation with the dentist, on which the patient gets acquainted with all necessary types of work, the final price of a Hollywood smile is specified. Now it is possible to make a choice in favor of expensive or "budgetary" materials, from them basically and the price will depend. On average, it ranges from 15 to 35 thousand rubles.

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