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Gel "Kontraktubeks" from stretch marks: reviews of women

contractubex from stretch marks reviews

As you know, scars adorn only men. But women always want to look perfect. But, unfortunately, there are times in life when a woman's body or face is formed for some reason a scar. It becomes a tragedy. Ladies, as a rule, are very worried about this. After all, getting rid of this damage without the help of a plastic surgeon is often impossible. In addition, many representatives of the fair sex after pregnancy and childbirth or as a result of large body weight changes on the skin in certain places, there are so-called stretch marks. It is also impossible to get rid of these defects by simple methods. Is it really so serious, and only the surgeon's scalpel can help women? It turns out that there is still a way out. This new tool "Kontraktubeks" from stretch marks. Reviews about him have already appeared. Let's see, is it really that effective?

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Structure of the preparation

In order to understand how our medicine works, let us turn to its composition.

  • Allantoin. Promotes softening of the cornified scar, it catalyzes the formation of new skin layers, improves blood flow.
  • Extract of onion Seraya. Dissolves blood clots, relieves inflammation, inhibits the formation of cells that form a hard scar.
  • Heparin sodium. Softens the stiffness of scar tissue.

The action of the gel "Kontraktubeks" from stretch marks, which we will also discuss below, is due to the substances in its composition. This is our next chapter.

How it struggles with extensions "Kontraktubeks"?

As a result of complex impactingredients of the gel in the body stimulates the production of collagen. In this case, the wound (and in our case - the stretching) will begin to scar. At this stage a cornified layer is formed. The ingredients of the remedy soften it. As a result, the scar becomes less visible, the redness in its area disappears. At the stretch point there is only a barely noticeable light strip. The task of the gel "Kontraktubeks" from stretch marks, about which, in general, positive, reviews - to achieve a faster "ripening" of fresh scar. Therefore, it is important to start using it as soon as possible. But even in neglected cases the remedy is very effective.


How to apply Kontraktubeks cream? Very simple! Apply it to the affected area 2 or 3 times a day, gently rubbing into the skin. If you treat a fresh scar, it will be sufficient to apply the remedy within 4 weeks. But the drug should be applied only after the wound is slightly tightened. If you decide to treat an old scar or stretch marks that appeared long ago, then the course of application will need to be increased to 3-6 months. In this case, the gel should be applied daily.

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Women's Feedback

And now listen to what the ladies say aboutuse of gel. Most of them agree that this drug can be used against stretch marks. The women who wrote positive feedback noted that in a few weeks the skin defects really became less noticeable. There are also negative comments, which say that it is impossible to get rid of stretch marks with the help of this remedy. Believe it or not, these statements are your own business. But, perhaps, if it turned out that we have to get rid of any scar, it's better not to start with such radical methods as surgery.

Thus, we found out that the gel "Kontraktubeks" from stretch marks will help us to deal with skin defects. Reviews about it confirm its effectiveness.

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