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Arkhangelsk coat of arms: history, description, meaning

The city of Arkhangelsk is located in the northern part ofRussia. It was founded by Ivan the Terrible in 1584. It was at this time that the voivodes immediately delivered their ships to the Dvina. More than 350 thousand people live in modern Arkhangelsk. The city has developed infrastructure and there are many attractions. The main of them: the temples of Arkhangelsk, the house of Sutyagin, the Trinity Cathedral. The climate in this area is moderate, in summer the temperature reaches +30aboutC, in winter it drops to -15aboutFROM.

coat of arms of Arkhangelsk

Briefly about modern Arkhangelsk

The city of Arkhangelsk is a cultural and historicalthe capital of Primorye. The city has many museums, sports and entertainment centers. Beautiful embankments and parks, cinemas, theaters and palaces of culture. In Arkhangelsk there are several higher educational institutions. Developed sports sections, especially skiing, volleyball, hockey. The city government pays much attention to a healthy lifestyle. For the locals there are many swimming pools, where you can swim with the whole family. A large number of tourists visit the region every day for excursions. Arkhangelsk is an ideal place for business development and family creation. It is worth noting that here the locals are very proud of their history.

Arms of the city of Arkhangelsk

In fact, more interesting than the history of theArkhangelsk may seem the story of his coat of arms. This symbol is a unique phenomenon. None of the emblems of Russia can not boast of the image of the prince of darkness. He is quite interesting and meaningful.

The appearance of the emblem is directly connected with Peter I. Previously, to provide the army with everything necessary, the troops were distributed to the provinces. The divided regiments were endowed with the names of those cities in which they lived. It was in this period that the need arose to give each city a separate coat of arms.

The coat of arms of Arkhangelsk, drawn in pencil, wasfound in personal records of Peter I. But at the moment there are doubts about its origin, historians are not entirely sure that this is exactly the idea of ​​the king. However, he is still officially credited with creating a coat of arms.


Image and meaning

If we briefly describe the coat of arms of Arkhangelsk,say this: "Archangel Michael overcomes the darkness." What does this picture mean? Naturally, it symbolizes that good always overcomes evil. The main hero is the Archangel Michael. He is the personification of the mighty military force of Russia. No less important role is played by the image of the prince of darkness. This symbol unites all enemies and ill-wishers, which can threaten the city and its population. Final struggle between Michael and the forces of darkness leads to the victory of good over evil.

The image of Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael is depicted on the arms of the city of Arkhangelsk. And what does the prince of darkness have to do with it? While Michael is striking with the sword of the devil. At first the Archangel was painted on a horse, and in 1730 it was removed.

Many are still wondering whythe coat of arms depicts the Archangel Michael? The theory of explanation is this: Michael from Hebrew means "God." That is, literally you can say this: "God overcomes the dark forces." After this explanation it is easy to understand what the arms of Arkhangelsk mean.

The Archangel himself is the defender of the soldiers and already many hundredsyears is the patron saint of Russia. Its name Arkhangelsk was not due to the image on the coat of arms, but in the name of the monastery of Arkhangelsk. For the first time in the chronicle, the monastery is mentioned in 1419, when the Swedes devastated it. Alas, in the middle of the twentieth century it was completely destroyed.

which means the coat of arms of Arkhangelsk

Interesting facts from the history

The Empress completed the case in 1782the previous king and ordered that every city has its own coat of arms. She wrote a decree: "All cities to use the coat of arms in everything and always." Thus, in 1780 the arms of Arkhangelsk became a full-fledged symbol of power in the form in which we know it so far. Golden canvas, and on it Archangel Michael with wings behind him in a heavenly garment with a sword and a shield in his hand is above the forces of darkness. The shield is decorated with a crown, and behind it are two golden anchors, tied with a ribbon.

During the reign of Stalin there were attempts to makesome changes. During the Soviet era, it was impossible to extol the church. That is why it was forbidden to use church saints on the symbol of power. Based on such considerations, the image of the Archangel was replaced with the drawing of the ship. However, in 1989 the Arkhangelsk coat of arms was restored at the eleventh congress. It was entered into the state register of the Russian Federation under the number 5714.

Let's sum up the results

The church and the believing society leads inindignation drawing prince of darkness. There was even a meeting for the removal of the devil from the coat of arms. In 2009, the city was awarded the title of "Military Glory". The central bank in honor of this created a unique coin.

coat of arms of the city of Arkhangelsk

We can say that during the foundation of the emblem, hehas undergone four changes. In 1730, in 1781, 1859 and most recently in 1989. The history of the arms of Arkhangelsk is interesting and has undisclosed secrets and mysteries.

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