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Types of offenses

Types of violations are numerous. Their classification depends on what social relations were committed this or that encroachment. The concept of an offense is connected specifically with public relations, which are protected by law. Of course, specific sanctions will follow the unjustified impact on them.

Types of offense can be delineated independing on in which sphere of public life they occur. They can be associated with management activities, the economy or the family and household sphere.

The goals of the offender also matter. Depending on them, offenses can be aimed at achieving a strictly defined or uncertain goal. Note that there can be several goals in both cases.

Types of offenses are also differentiated depending onfrom the danger or harm that they cause the society. In this case, they identify offenses and crimes. Of course, it is crimes that are most dangerous for society. They entail the application of criminal penalties. Their objects are property, health, as well as human life, state system, personality and so on.

The Criminal Law establishes crimessevere penalties. The minimum penal penalty is fine, the maximum - the death penalty (at the moment in our country it does not apply). It should be noted that some offenses may contain signs of a crime, but they will not be recognized as crimes, since the degree of their public danger is too small.

Misdemeanors, of course, are not so dangerous forsociety as a crime. They can be committed in any of the spheres of public life. Object of encroachment here can be anything. All of them can be divided into:

- disciplinary;

- Administrative;

- Civil.

In certain cases, procedural offenses are also singled out. They can, for example, include the failure of the offender to appear before the court session.

In civil offenses (misdemeanors)rather specific object of encroachment. They are property and any non-property relations connected with them, which are regulated by the norms of civil law. Also, relations are listed here, regulation of which is carried out with the help of family, labor and land law. These types of offenses may be associated with non-fulfillment of obligations (contractual or any other), causing harm to property. Sanctions, as a rule, are used to restore the situation that existed before the offense was committed, for the recognition of the right and so on.

Administrative types of offenses (misconduct)are connected with violation of the norms of administrative, procedural, land or financial law, and in particular - with encroachments on any rights of citizens or the order of management established in the state or its subjects. This is a violation of traffic rules, and obscene behavior, and violation of safety rules, and much more. Penalties in this case are different: fines, warnings, deprivation of the right to engage in specific activities and so on.

Disciplinary types of offenses (misconduct)are related to the work schedule and rules of conduct adopted in organizations, institutions, enterprises. It is believed that the violator, without respecting them, has a negative impact on the work of the work collective. Discipline is important - it means that serious violations can follow its violation. Fines, reprimands, dismissals, loss of bonuses, transfers to other positions and so on are used here.

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