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Stretching - exercises for the development of flexibility

Fashionable word "stretching" is strong todaysettled in the lexicon of athletes. Without a specially selected set of stretching exercises, neither aerobic or shaping, nor strength training can do. There are also fitness programs in which stretching is given the main role - pilates, yoga for beginners, bodyflex.

Often a set of stretching exercisesis present in exercise therapy in osteochondrosis, arthrosis, radiculitis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Classes involving stretching, allow to keep the muscles more elastic, and joints - healthy and mobile. By improving blood circulation and oxygen saturation of tissues, a fat layer is burned. Specialists call stretching exercises the most comfortable way to lose weight and maintain a good sport form.

Such activities can be conducted both in the group and at home. To do this, it is quite enough rubber mat and gymnastic ball of a suitable diameter.

It is necessary to perform stretching exercises on a regular basis. It is better if the classes are daily, but in the absence of free time, you can limit yourself to three days a week. The duration of the classes is from 15 to 45 minutes. Here everything depends on the goals that you set for yourself.

Stretching for beginners

This complex does not set as its goala significant correction of the figure. However, it allows you to remove fatigue, muscle tension, improve posture. Many exercises can be performed even at the desk or in a traffic jam.

The basic rule is that classes are not in any waymust be accompanied by painful sensations. Each exercise begins with a deep breath. Any stretching is fixed in the final position for 30-40 seconds. Performing stretching exercises is best for soft, pleasant music.

The complex is designed in such a way as to involve all parts of the body, from the neck to the calves.

The first step is stretching the neck muscles. A wonderful exercise for those who have to spend a lot of time sitting at a table. Tilt your head to your shoulder, trying to reach it with your ear. Keep your back straight. The shoulders are lowered.
Repeat the slope in the opposite direction. Then gently tilt your head back, stretch your chin up. We put our hands in the lock on the back of the head, lower our elbows down and stretch to the chest with our chins. We finish the exercise with a smooth rotation of the head.

Next, we perform stretching exercises for the hands andthe shoulder girdle. We bend the left hand in the elbow and wind it around the head, helping ourselves with the right one. It is necessary to feel the stretching in the triceps area.

The second exercise improves mobilityshoulder joints. Both hands are behind your back and folded, pressing your hands to each other. After that, try to reach the shoulder blades. Immediately I note that this trick can be performed from the first time not all, but in a few days you will do it easily and freely.

The following exercises are aimed atstretch the lateral muscles. We put our fingers in the lock in front of us and turn our palms outward. Fix this position for 5 seconds, without forgetting to watch the breath. Then very slowly we make a slope to the side, we stay at the end point for 30 seconds and return back. Repeat the exercise in a mirror image. If this movement seemed too complicated for you, the same can be done by raising one hand.

The second exercise is performed while standing. Spread your arms and, without turning the body, lean to the left. Stretch the whole body, pausing at the bottom of the slope. Slowly straighten and repeat the same movements, but now to the right.

To stretch the muscles of your back,chair, closing his knees. Then grasp them with your hands and gently bend down as low as possible. Ideally, you should touch your forehead with your knees. But this task is sometimes beyond the power of even the young and slender. Therefore, do not be upset if you did not complete the exercise with the maximum amplitude the first time.

The muscles of the abdominal press can be stretched togymnastics ball. It's enough just to lie on it with your back, resting on the floor with your hands to maintain balance. If this is not possible, try tilting back. You can fix the stretching by leaning your hands against the wall.

For small gluteal muscles is best suitedthe following exercise. Connect the legs together, slightly bend the knees. Tilt the body slightly forward to maintain balance. Bend one leg in the knee and put it on the thigh of the other. Unfold the foot with your toe to the floor.

Next comes the turn of the thigh muscles. The front surface is stretched by the simplest exercise. Standing, we bend the leg back and, holding it by hand, pull the foot to the buttocks.

Stretch the large gluteal muscles and the posterior surface of the thighs will allow a normal slope. Connect the legs together, bend as low as possible and clasp your knees with your hands.

Stretching the inner surface of the thigh is performed,lying or sitting on the floor. The first exercise is called "boat". Sitting on the floor, spread your legs as wide as possible. Raise your hands above your head and tie them into the lock. Lean forward as low as possible. If the exercise seems too complicated, just bend over, leaning on your elbows in front of you.

The second exercise is best performed in pairs,but if this is not possible, help yourself. Lying on your back, spread your legs as wide as possible, and hold this position for a while.

To top it off, we stretch the calf muscles. To do this, stand upright, put one foot forward with support on the heel. Take the body forward and lean on your knee with both hands. Pull the sock towards you, while holding the slope.

As you can see, stretching exercises do not requireno special physical training or special equipment for training. It is not at all necessary to carry out the whole complex at once. To cheer up during the working day, two or three exercises are enough.

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