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Sudak, Cypress alley - a place for a pleasant stay

With great pleasure, many touristsregularly comes to rest in Sudak. The cypress alley is one of its main attractions. It is located in the heart of a variety of youth entertainment.

In general, very bright and cheerful city of Sudak. The cypress alley is its central street leading directly to the embankment. Here you can find everything you need for a great holiday.

pike-perch cypress avenue

Zander. Cypress avenue - city center

So, more in detail. Every fan of resort rest, of course, is familiar with the city called Sudak. The cypress alley was laid in the beginning of the last century. There are many different cafes, shops, entertainment. This is the place where you can buy tickets for any excursions, original sweets, famous Crimean wines.

This street is the visiting card of the city(Zander). The cypress alley turns into a real "gallery of talents" every evening. Dancers, musicians, painters draw pictures here. And perform their numbers artists not so much for the money ... They are driven by a love of art. They completely give themselves to their favorite business, raising their spirits to passers-by.

cypress avenue

There is where to go

Begins at the boarding house "Star"The cypress alley. Sudak is a city that offers its guests and residents a lot of entertainment. But the central street simply amazes them with an abundance. At the beginning of a number of cypress trees planted on both sides of it there is a Tatar market. Here you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, Crimean sweets and wine for bottling. Throughout the length of the alley are scattered pizzerias, karaoke bars, chebureks, bistros and cafes.

Practically at every step there are kiosks with tickets on excursions, shops with souvenirs and tents with ice cream. Beach and summer accessories, clothes, costume jewelery are also sold here.

In the summer, the alley does not "sleep" for a minute. The rest here is enough for day and night. On the street there are always cultural and mass events, various contests and holidays are held. Completes the Cypress alley exit to the embankment. It offers a magnificent view of the Genoese fortress.

pike-perch cypress alley Photo

The mass of tourists

Many people are attracted to the chic city of Sudak. Cypress avenue, photo of which is in every tourist catalog with the advertisement of rest in Crimea, enthralls everyone who wants to relax in the Black Sea resort. Here come people from all over the world.

The alley carries its name, as already mentioned,from cypress trees planted on both sides of it, from the beginning and right up to the shore of the sea. These trees are durable, very old. They are unpretentious and do not require special care. Due to their moisture resistance, trees survive without problems during the sunny dry Crimean summer. Thus, the name was fixed among the local residents.

In addition to the numerous cheburechnyh, pizzerias andbistros in which you can if you want an inexpensive and tasty snack, there are also quite large restaurants. Among them: Baron Munchausen, Calypso, Biker-pub, Oasis, Parus, Shantan, Dostluk, Priboy, Eva, Old Fortress, Gourmet and others. Night shows are regularly held here.

Crimea pike-perch cypress alley

Rest of the whole family

Crimea ... Pike perch ... Cypress alley ... All thishas a beautiful, pleasant and cheerful pastime. The central alley is ideal for entertainment and recreation for the whole family. For fans of bowling, there is "Bowling City". Those wishing to play billiards can choose from any of the many proposals (individual billiards or billiard tables installed in each self-respecting restaurant).

For children there are built playgrounds withvarious swings and carousels. For older guys installed gambling machines. At the peak of the season the alley is filled with people for days. It hosts thousands of holidaymakers who want to go to the embankment or to the central beach.

By the way, in order to get the right to tradehere, an individual must prepay his place in the local budget in advance. Only in this case they will be able to sell their goods or provide their services to those who came to rest in Sudak.

In short, after visiting this beautiful city, youyou can not visit the cypress alley. It is here that all cultural and mass events take place. It is here that the center of the magnificent Black Sea resort is located.

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