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79 airborne brigade (Nikolaev, Ukraine)

How did the 79 Nicholas Separatean air mobile brigade? What was originally its function? What does she do now? For some, 79 the airmobile brigade are heroes, for others - punishers who are destroying their people.

79 airborne brigade

History of creation

In 1979 the command of the Soviet Army wasa decision was made to create an airborne light infantry. It should have been landing and assault regiments and brigades. The solution was found quickly. One of the main bases was a battalion of reconnaissance and amphibious assault of the 111th landing regiment, which is part of the military Odessa district in the city of Nikolaev. Then a separate 40th brigade was formed (air assault, and after 1990 - airborne).

Soon after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine declareddesire to secede and become an independent state. Accordingly, 79 airmobile brigade (Nikolaev) passed under the jurisdiction of the newly-formed country. A few years later, in the late 90's, the regiment was renamed. Now it was called the seventy-ninth separate airmobile regiment. It was an analogue of the assault-assault Soviet troops.

79 Nicholas Separate Air Mobile Brigade

Achievement list

The seventy-ninth regiment managed to distinguish itself in manypeacekeeping operations. Servicemen carried out their duties in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Macedonia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Iraq. Several international exercises took place with the participation of the 79th Brigade. I must say that the Ukrainian military proved themselves only from the positive side.

In July 2007, on the basis of this regiment, which was further strengthened by a helicopter regiment, an experimental 79 separate airmobile brigade was formed.

79 airmobile Nikolayev brigade

Operations in Ukraine

The result of the well-known "EuroMeidan" becamearmed coup and seizure of power. All the more active were calls for persecution of those who did not speak Ukrainian. Special aggression manifested itself in relation to the Russian-speaking population living in the east of Ukraine. People's meetings and numerous rallies against the ban of the Russian language were ignored by the new government. Moreover, the pressure intensified, including with the support of the media.

The decision to hold a referendum was supported bymost of the inhabitants. It was held on May 11, 2014 for the federalization of about 90% of the population voted. Two people's republics were proclaimed - Lugansk (LNR) and Donetsk (DNR). Of course, Kiev did not recognize the referendum. Not only that, the People's Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of Germany were declared terrorist organizations. Almost a month later, Turchinov, acting president, announced the so-called ATO. In fact, this was the beginning of a punitive operation.

Among the forces thrown to the sweep,airborne brigade. It operated in the territory of the People's Democratic Republic from May 18, 2014. In June the brigade took part in the battles against the people's militia for the Saur grave.

79 airmobile brigade of Nikolayev

South cauldron

Armed clashes were gaining momentum. Serious, bloody battles were fought between the Donbas militia and parts of the Ukrainian army. The Saur-Grave was of special strategic importance, as it towered above the steppe spaces adjoining it. In addition, the mound would allow controlling and most of the border between Russia and Ukraine. The height was a point giving full control over the supply of the southern grouping.

By June 5, fighting moved to the Marinovka district(customs station, southern side of the height). Three days later the armed formations consolidated to the north, in the Snezhnoe. On June 12, 2014, 79 the airmobile Nikolayev brigade was attacked by fourteen DNP militia, armed with only AK-47s and only one AGS-17. The people's militia desperately defended their land. 79 airmobile brigade had at that time a living force on the armor of fifteen BTRs, eight Hamers, support for two helicopters, an SU-27 aircraft, and active artillery. The losses of both sides were not officially indicated.

The new storm of height Ukrainian security forcestook July 2, and on July 3 A. Parubiy (NSDC Secretary) announced that the "terrorists" stronghold had been destroyed. However, on July 6, a new storm of "occupied" heights took place. This time already by the forces of another Ukrainian battalion "Azov". The defenders kept the mound, again repulsing the furious attack. "Azov" also lost about 80% of the composition and went to the rear for reorganization. Igor Mosiychuk, who is deputy commander of the battalion, has denied the information that the battalion was defeated.

Five days later, a press conference was heldwhich Igor Strelkov, commander of the militia army, said that the areas Saur-Mohyla and Snowy defends a detachment of insurgents, established on the basis of the "East".

By mid-July, the five thousandth groupingUkrainian army, which included the battalion "Shakhtersk", part of "Azov", the mechanized 24th brigade, 72 and 79 airmobile brigade, was in the "South Cauldron". The militants were blocked by the people's militia. Only for two weeks the army of Kiev lost more than 1200 fighters, including. officers, more than 3,000 people were wounded, many heavy and light armored vehicles were destroyed, two SU-25 planes were shot down. And these are only approximate figures.

79 separate airmobile brigade

Partial liquidation

Since June 2014, 79 airmobile brigadefaithfully carried out the order of the government, fighting for Saur-Grave. In July, after hitting the South Cauldron, it was partially liquidated. The remnants of the brigade came under rocket fire on July 11. About 20% of the military remained alive. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian media broadcast on all channels about the brilliant victories in the Donbass. On June 6, the press center of the People's Republic of Germany reported that brigade remnants were struck by Ukrainian air strikes. For what purpose, few survivors were killed, it remains to be guessed. The next day, the command of the AAMBR transferred the people's militia to the Osa air defense missile system, the Grad missile system and heavy equipment (about 70 units, including tanks). In fact, this was a refusal to continue subordination to Kiev.

Ukrainian media are authorized to declare ...

On the ninth of August the leading TV channels of Ukraine (inin particular, TSN) publicly announced the return of all personnel to the place of deployment. Meanwhile, the commander of another battalion "Dnepr-1" Parasyuk complained of a significant silence about the loss of the Ukrainian army. On the air of another Ukrainian channel, "112 Ukraine", he complained that "Ukrainians are fooled".

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